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Antonius Maximus
Atheist, Bane of Leftists, Rationalist, Anarcho-Capitalist, Voluntarist, anti-war, anti-state, pro liberty, pro markets. Crypto-Currency sub-genius.
Atheist, Bane of Leftists, Rationalist, Anarcho-Capitalist, Voluntarist, anti-war, anti-state, pro liberty, pro markets. Crypto-Currency sub-genius.

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In 1897 Bayer introduced it's new wonder drug

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Simple truth 
Free Market Capitalism Works, The State Doesn't
by Peter William Lount, 20131228

For all those that say "capitalism" is the problem, it isn't; the problem is the state, the problem is notion of the state, for the state is murder, the state is theft, the state is control, the state is crony corporatism, the state is the source of monopolies, the state is a monopoly on 'legal' violence, the state is the 1% with their crony corporatist friends, the state is a plutocracy, the state is all these things and more horrors regardless of the 'ideology' of the state.

The unfettered free market (which we don't have due to state based market regulations that generate large monopolies) is natural within human beings, we naturally want to trade with each other things and services of value to others.

The free market evolved with humans as we learned an alternative to bloodshed, tribal wars, raids, plundering, looting from others, theft, stealth in the night, etc... all things that the state does while making it illegal for us to do. The market gives us the alternative to violence to get what we need or want for our lives.

The free market with the non-aggression principle (no initiation of violence or force) is the only alternative to coercion, violence, control and murder by a privileged minority that actually respects each person involved in the market. That preserves your free choice. That enables you to provide real value to others in exchange for what you need in return. This is true regardless of the ideology of the state.

The problem is the state. The state is the aberration that uses force to attempt to crush freedom.

The free market is amazing. No matter how much the state control freaks attempt to regulate or control the free market if people want something it will happen. When ever the free market is limited by the state or someone attempting to "corner" the market with force or coercion or monopoly the potential for a black market instantly opens, often this black free market is actualized and freedom prevails.

Marijuana production, distribution and consumption is a prime example of this. In the past 100 years government cult members in their infinite wisdom of not letting you put what you want into your body created pot prohibition then the war on drugs with aggressive swat teams and state base international terrorist operations against growers and distributors. The black market was created, now the state has lost the battle and in many "countries" is capitulating to the will of the individuals who desire this product.

When there is enough demand even the state can't stop the black free markets from becoming free markets; even if they 'regulate' the new free market it has a way of ignoring their regulations and control.

Basically the statists don't get that resistance to the free market is futile. Sure they'll win battles and even mass murder tens of thousands or kidnap people and lock them up (over 2 million now in US jails, more than even Soviet Russia ever had locked up).

The free market is peoples natural desire to trade with each other. The free market is contributing to others that which they value.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones, your family, your friends, your community is to learn to be successful in the free market and to teach others to succeed as well. That is how we'll life the 3-4 billion people out of poverty.

The state is the problem. When one advocates "socialism over capitalism" one is (1) incorrect, it's "statist corny corporatism" not "free market capitalism" that you're advocating, and (2) "socialism" can't exist without a statist system to control people to ensure that they are not breaking the statists imposed notions of the rules of society.

When you separate the state from capitalism (actually corporatism as noted above) or you separate the state from socialism you end up with humans being able to live voluntarily in peace with the non-aggression principle in an unfettered free market, in other words our natural way of being.

For more information search with the google machine the terms: "voluntary society", "unfettered free market", "Laissez-faire capitalism", "statism", "statist", "anarcho-capitalism", "Stefan Molyneux", "Jeffry Tucker", "Ron Paul", ....

The end result of socialism is always tyranny, control, force, death and destruction.

The state needs to be separated from everything including existence but as a first step certainly from "social" concerns.

If you have social concerns then get involved in Non-Governmental Non-religious groups that actually accomplish real measurable goals such as feeding people on the streets, or providing them homes, or care, or helping to teach people how to implement their own economic success in far flung places. Best of all become successful yourself then you can use your economic success to aid many more than you can now.

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We do in fact know better. 
I've grown very tired of arguing the merits of voluntary market order, or anarcho-capitalism, as a greater advantage to any society against that of statism in any form, be it socialism, democracy, republic, monarchy, fascism, corporatism, syndicalism, minarchism, or even the most unreachable and least durable, communism.

Given the dogmas and superstitions underpinning the faith in all of the above I simply argue the case for the CHOICE in living and functioning without a compulsory state forcing me into otherwise NOT having a choice in the matter.

So if YOU believe that "investing" in socialism is the better way, then go ahead and do so and if you are correct and others agree, there should be NO need for the use of force and violence to foster your ideals. 

I prefer to invest in the future in the manner of which I think is a far more constructive manner than that which takes place by force of violence through agency of the state. I also accept the issues associated with this way of life. The difference is that within THIS form of social structure there is no need to campaign and argue for the compulsory payment OF the rigid political policies associated with the state and its apparatus, government as decreed through the political caste of "rulers", managers and controllers that occupy this antiquated relic of societal "organization". 

Those of us who already voluntarily live and think in this manner (we just have to deal with the effects of the compulsory state and those who receive the benefits of the related plunder) simply go after and find remedies TO these issues and deal with them as they come. 

Voluntary market order and the people associated with this type of thought process also do not attempt to "fix" the human condition under legal institutions because we realize that it is a condition of constantly changing sets of circumstances and we must constantly and consistently be prepared to adapt to them and find temporary remedies to them through voluntary market order, a societal order devoid of the compulsory state.

This voluntary market thought process is a highly complex and mature thought process that requires the individual to consider their OWN circumstance as it functions with those in the society they live within. It is a peaceful market process and requires the creation of values and exchange between others.

Voluntary market order is not a zero sum game. It is not a battle or a war. It is the market process that has no one group placed arbitrarily over that of others.

So, for those of us who are problem solvers, and not axe grinders, please why don't we simply manage our way through life and arrange our lives around solving problems through market order as best we can by using and improving the technology surrounding all of us and make it so by doing and creating the example of voluntary market order in spite of those who argue against our free will to do so? Why continue to waste so much time in argument? It is time consuming, energy wasting and leaves us in many cases in doubt due to the simple fact that a statist -might_ simply be capable of out arguing us due to the fact that this is all they do

I say to hell with it! Let those of us who know better how to function in life, simply make it so!

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Lincoln deserves a statue and to be revered by history. 
"On This Day: In 1862 President Lincoln refused to pardon the 38 Santee Sioux people sentenced to hang for protecting their land during the Dakota War of 1862. In early December, 303 Sioux prisoners were convicted of murder and rape by military tribunals and sentenced to death. Some trials lasted less than 5 minutes. No one explained the proceedings to the defendants, nor were the Sioux represented by a defense in court. President Lincoln personally reviewed the trial records to distinguish between those who had engaged in warfare against the U.S., versus those who had committed crimes of rape and murder against civilians. The Army executed the 38 remaining prisoners by hanging on December 26, 1862, in Mankato, Minnesota. It remains the largest mass execution in American history."

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