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Remember when we used to give them little pilots' wings?
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:( as long as they don't start giving out "enhanced screening" kits...
I guess the difference is that we actually respect the pilots, we merely hide our intolerance of TSA officers.

Incidentally, how many real TSA officers exist? Seems I see more questionable contractors than actual government employees.
Pilots fly planes into skyscrapers, so they're evil now...
I remember when they stopped giving the wings out due to budget constraints.
be glad they aren't giving out latex gloves with that badge.
One wonders what Leslie Nielsen would do with that.
That will knock their socks off...
+Bill Kanawyer, surely he'd joke about it. Truly though, I'd like to know what Jacobs would make of it.
That would go straight into the trash. Certainly not a meme worth perpetuating among adults, let alone to children.
I think I see a trend towards children playing "TSA Agent" instead of playing "doctor".
Little ones need to learn: "see something, say something!" (tm)
"Don't Suspect Your Neighbors--REPORT THEM!!"
"Officer" implies some sort of law-enforcement authority, which they don't have. Yet.
"some sort of law-enforcement authority, which they don't have..Yet." When they stop, frisk & detain me without probably cause or suspicion, it feels like they do.
Does this come with a Backscatter Machine (Home Version)™?
Security Check Point play sets should be sold at Adam & Eve, not Amazon.
Oh dear God ....awful, awful, awful.
"If you have three TSOs, one LTSO, and an STSO at the checkpoint, how many officers do you have? Zero. Calling someone an 'officer' doesn't make them one."
Why does Hitler Youth immediately come to mind?
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