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sorting through old photos for some reason
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Enjoy the show. I heard that guy totally rocks it.
You might want to get in line, and bring an extra "n" while yer at it...
Love the Hawthorne district, I live just down the street from the Bagdad.
Xah Lee
any possible essay about your experience of switching from emacs to Scrivener?
It must be great to have almost your name in lights.
Did you go up to people asking if they'd heard of this Stephenson guy?
Xah Lee
just realized, this must be in Palo Alto San Francisco, CA?
You never need a reason to look through old photos. That's why you keep them after all.
Nice pic Neal!  When are you coming to Vancouver?
It's ok, looks like they misspelled Baghdad, too.
I totally have that shirt. Dry wick for hiking, bought at rei. It always feels cold and slick when I put it on. Like grey shark skin. Wish I had ten. Must be made of new matter.
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