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Doc Deuce
The art and insights of a true Hip Hop lyricist and passionate performer.
The art and insights of a true Hip Hop lyricist and passionate performer.

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I'm performing for a full hour tonight at Dirty Dog Bar. Meet me there at 8:00 come ready to have Doc rock your socks off.

I'm watching The Art of Rap on Netflix and it's beautiful. Stay tuned. I've got some art of my own on the way.

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I'll be on the radio next Wednesday talking about Capitol View Arts, our trip to New Orleans for the Cutting Edge Music Conference, and the upcoming fundraiser at which I'll be performing. If you're in Austin, tune in to 88.7FM at 11am. If not, you can catch a live stream the show at the attached link at 11am CST. T

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Here's video of the Google Hangout I hosted during my studio session for "My Favorite Color." There's drumming, bass playing, freestyling, and conversations with really cool people. I hope you can join me for the next one!

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Follow the link below for... well, all the stuff it says. There is plenty more to come as I'm finally getting my band into the studio. Stay tuned for my next Hangout during which I'll be recording keys and vocals for my upcoming single.

Thank you +Austin Hip-Hop Scene and +Musician and Band Public Database for sharing my Hangout!

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Doc Deuce hung out with 7 people.Doc Deuce, brandon nielsen, Jon Ray, Lizzy Gold, Sara Eleta Reid, Odas Williams, and Ryan Loosier

Join me in a Hangout right here on my Google Plus page Wednesday night at 10:30pm as I head to Spitshine Studios to record a new single! #atxmusic #hiphop512

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Click below to find a collection of songs I've recorded. Catch up now because there is plenty more on the way and will blow all of this out of the water.

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Though I am known as a community advocate, I still enjoy a good battle every now and then. These videos provide examples of my lyrics at their meanest. Of course, it's all in sport.
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