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Oracle Application Express 4.0 EA2
Oracle Application Express 4.0 Early Adopter Phase II (EA2) is now available. Fill out the survey and request a NEW workspace on oracle's hosted instance @

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Oracle BI Publisher Introduction
Oracle XML/BI Publisher is a very good reporting tool, which outputs reports into many formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and even to Adobe Flash. This can deliver reports generated from XML/BI Publisher to many destinations like email, fax and print...

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Oracle BI Publisher Desktop
Making the relationship between Microsoft word and BI Publisher will be very convenient for template designing part. Because by using Microsoft word, user can draw the tables and they can do lots of designing parts. To enable the BI Publisher tool bar in to...

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Apex Interactive Report Cosmetics
  To Change the Report Field Title color   .apexir_WORKSHEET_DATA th div {font-size:12px; color:black; }   To draw border for the Report   table.apexir_WORKSHEET_DATA th div{text-decoration:none;}  table.apexir_WORKSHEET_DATA td, table.apexir_WORKSHEET_DATA...

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Hide the Report Column based on User Condition
  Get the interactive repot table id  Example : var apexform = $x{interactive report tableid};   Mention the rows and column   Example: var hidecell1= apexform.rows[4].cells[0];   Script used to hide the particular cell   Example:'n...

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Append the Data Base value to Tabular Form Read only Column
  Get the interactive repot table id   Example : var apexform = $x{tableid}; Mention the rows and column   Example: var ApexTableId; var row= ApexTableId.substring(4,8); var newCell = ApexTableId.rows[row].cells[4]; newCell.innerHTML = Databaseva...

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Configuring APEX to use BI Publisher
To use BI Publisher as your Report Server, first, access the Report Printing parameters: Go to The following navigation in APEX with Admin credentials. 1  Access the Administration Services home page 2  Select Manage Service 3  Select Instance Settings, und...

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Append the Data Base value to Tabular Form Select List

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Apex used to call the Oracle JOB scheduler and Java
l  Create the html link on apex l  Ajax(Application Process) used to call the DBMS_SCHEDULER then generate the job name l  Ajax(Application Process) used to call the DBMS_SCHEDULER .CREATE_JOB then Execute the job name   Example :   select DBMS_SCHEDULER.GE...

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Report Generation from BI through APEX
Oracle APEX is user friendly for designing part as well as client side data entry and validation related things. Oracle BI Publisher is good for report output; it will give the output files like PDF, XLS etc, Very big advantage in BI Publisher is that can p...
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