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FruitSlush - Chuski - IceGola - IceSnow - with Natural Colors & Sweetness

There is Child in every Adult. Indulge yourself along with your children to enjoy this recipe during Summers

Click here for the detailed recipe in English -

Click here to see the video -


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Why eyes are the most beautiful
part of a girl ??

She says “I don’t love you !”…
Her eyes say “I am crazy for you !”

She says “I am happy without
you !”
Her eyes say “I am no where
without you !”

She says “She has many to take
care of her!”
Her eyes say “No one cares as you
do !”

She says “All my friends are like
you !”
Her eyes says ” But you stand
unique among them !”

She says “To hold some one’s else
hand !”
Her eyes say “Never leave me !”

She says “Don’t hold me !”
Her eyes say ” Let me just hold
you !”

She says “Don’t touch me !”
Her eyes say “Don’t follow my
words !”

She says “Wait for now !”
Her eyes say “Let’s fall in for each
other !”

She says “I am confused !”
Her eyes say “I just Love you !”

That’s why eyes are the most b’ful
part of a girl… See in her eyes and
you will be lost in her love..! ♥♥♥

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