10 very good UI improvements to Google Analytics today (If you found something else, please add to the comments)

Today I woke up to a re-designed UI on Google Analytics. Very interesting changes that add up to a more intuitive interface. Here are a few of them that I specially liked:

1. Sidebar: great thumbnails (although the $ sign should be in the Goals tab, not in the Advertising).
2. Graphs: they look better, nicer to the eye, the points got smaller and more linked to the lines. And they are not Flash anymore, i.e. it works on iPads/iPhones.
3. Above graphs: you now get to choose the data grouping without a drop down (Hourly, Day, Week...).
4. Above graphs: increased visibility of "compare to metrics" option (thanks +Jim Gianoglio)
5. Inside tables: you now get the strip with the totals below the graph.
6. Inside tables: you now see much clearer the goals tab, which is a much used part.
7. Above tables: the types of data visualization are much easier to use outside a drop down.
8. In-Page Analytics: I must confess I don't use this report very often, but it looks gorgeous (especially in full screen version)!
9. Functionality: ability to share advanced segments and dashboards (thanks +Jim Gianoglio)
10. Functionality: data points from time series also download to excel (thanks +Adrian Palacios)

Thanks to +Phil Mui and the team.
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