Spring-cleaned the office today and realise that I hadn't shared my awesome new monitor setup that I changed to a few weeks ago (from a flat 3 x horizontal):

The left monitor is connected to my old Macbook Pro, that acts as a server for all the Apple TVs in the house, and a some apps that I like: iCal, Twitter for Mac, Sparrow Mail and iTunes (for iPhone).

The middle and right monitors are connected to my x220 via a docking station (middle via DVi via DIsplayPort, right one via VGA). Use the middle one to focus on task-in-hand, and generally keep Thunderbird, X-Chat and Wunderlist open on the right. Skype/empathy chat windows would also find themselves on the right.

Yes, my peppy little x220 with it's never-say-die Sandy Bride graphics happily runs two monitors of 2048x1152 and 1152 x 2048 with Unity staying quick!

Finally, the middle monitor is also connected to a Windows box that I use when I want to play Battlefield 3 or do mockups in Fireworks (yes, I still use it :).
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