her? With him? No fucking way, he'd rather date a cow

Matt was one of the most handsome guys in the school. He was part of the basketball team, which girls would die for

matt didn't really care about the fame tho, maybe it was the reason why girls adored him so much.

did you hear? He ranked on of the highest scores this semester

who was the highest tho?

that y/n girl, seriously that bitch is annoying, can't she let him take it for once?

Matt knew pretty well that y/n would always fight for the grades and he liked the little game they were playing. Ever since she came to school he dropped from #1 to #2 which annoyed him like hell

y/n didn't know any of it tho. She was mostly focused on studies which was a huge reason of her not being not so popular in school. Matt didn't care about it, he didn't care of she was a nerd or wasn't popular, those facts attracted him to her even more

it was a normal biology lesson, teacher started picking out partners. Everyone was enjoying the lesson when suddenly ms.Willson picked up matt and y/n as partners

is she serious?

must be a joke...

why are you guys even worried? She's nothing more than just a nerd, he doesn't like that type of girls


↭ don't hold back

↭ if you want to rp write ny nerdy girlfriend (I won't reply other way)

↭ third person

↭ be descriptive

↭ use a character
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