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Call Santa Directly!

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Why You Should Create...and Continue Creating, Despite Everything
Photo Courtesy of Unknown,  I thought this was mine taken at Sandy Hook, NJ years ago but am unsure. It looks identical to mine. It might be. "I have a right to my own voice and a
right to my own vision.  I have a right to collaborate with creativity,  beca...

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Whimsical Woodland Mini Tree Houses
Photo Courtesy of  Croissant and Lavender Photos and instructions below courtesy of  Croissant and Lavender: Step 1: Paint bath tissue rolls or paper towel rolls in different colors. If using paper towel rolls, cut them down to desired size. Step 2: Cut out...

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Celestial Seas
Photo Courtesy of  International Art Quilts Title: Unknown Artist: Unknown Size: Unknown Materials: Unknown (Appears to be cloth, beading, rhinestones) Techniques: Unknown

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Round Umpteempth: You vs. Art vs. Inspiration - Know When to Let Go and Stop Fighting
Free clipart from  Clipart Heaven "It is through our mistakes that we grow and learn." - Jessica Peill-Meininghaus,  The Gnome Project How many times have you been banging against the same door only for it to never open? Or, you don’t want to accept that, t...

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Book Review: The Gnome Project by Jessica Peill-Meininghaus
Photo Courtesy of The Moon Goat The Gnome Project is about one woman’s journey in creating a daily practice to get unstuck from the habit of not finishing what she starts, only to discover the many gifts it brings along the way and how it anchors your life....

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Outdoors Man Ornament
Photo Courtesy of  A Thrifty Mom Materials: Clear plastic Christmas ornament Jute twine Fake pine branch Hot glue gun to attach twine Small piece of tan card stock to make tag Odds and ends of what your outdoors man likes (ex: fishing hooks, empty ammo - DO...

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Step Into Monet's' Garden
Photo  Courtesy of  Sustainable Gardening Tips Materials: fabric, ribbon, tinsel Techniques: Silk Ribbon Embroidery

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Completing UFOs
Let all the doings of the day float by….Stop doing…just for right
now. - Quote by SARK Photo Courtesy of Pinterest by  Planet Sark I have a bag of UFOs sitting at the bottom of my closet with
all the intentions on finishing them. This was a rather large ser...

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Meditation Art Quilts
Photo  Courtesy of  Buttons & Beads & Quilts! "Garden For a Sky Warrior" Artist Nancy Smeltzer Nancy Smeltzer process of creating art quilts is inspiring and insightful. I haven't gone through much of her blog but did note a couple of topics that caught my ...
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