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Why people hate Atheist?
Nowadays, I have join so much groups and read a few blogs about debate between Atheist and Theist. It is quite disturbing actually because I found a lot of extremist with their opinions which most I couldn't accept. I call it as a provocation. I know, somet...

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Be different Atheist
What do you know about Atheism? How can you classify an Atheist or study their behavior or attitude? Atheism can be described into something simple but not the people. Every Atheist have their own idea and opinion, which clearly they are all different betwe...

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Staying positive
Actually I'm bored when everytime I post something about negative things. IDK maybe my life is just not so beautiful as I always expected. Pathetic da! I hate hurting people who don't deserve to be hurtled by me and if I did, I'm sorry. I'm human, I did mis...

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Why hate religion so much?
I read so much things inside Facebook nowadays. It is not fact thing, it is just other people's opinion about something. I also have read comments about "why need to hate their religion when you know you actually only hate that people?". Well, it is interes...

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I have to be a bad person
Here we are, again. After a month I disappear, I decided to write something else about myself. I am a poor girl from an ordinary family. I have a few friends while the others trying to compete with me just to prevent me going to next step above them. Fuck t...

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Straight long hair with square bangs
Its been for a while since I keep my front hair longer just because I want to observe whether it is suitable for me or not, moreover my face shape quite round and fat. After many month of observation, now I realize my hair without bangs make my face bigger ...

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The best employee is can finish their work faster with high quality
Here, I like to share my story but I didn't mean to praise myself. You know, I've been working almost 1 year and I realize that I'm one of employees who can do the work faster than the others. But don't misunderstand, my work is still in a good quality. We ...

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My Atheism
Here, and finally I will discuss about my Atheism. Many days ago there's a viral about picture of Atheists group get together, chilling and drink in peace at somewhere in Kuala Lumpur (if I'm not mistaken). The picture is posted by Atheist Republic page on ...

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There's no different between Muslim and Christian
My life become miserable because of those religions and their people. So, don't ever wonder about my hatred. I'm human being, I don't pretend to love something that I hate. I don't pretend to forgive those people that I won't forgive. As much I meet people ...

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The puppy
I woke up early in the morning as usual and prepared myself before go to work. It was a good day and I decided to walk myself go to my workplace. In the halfway to my destination, I heard something like puppy crying at somewhere. Then I stop, I look down at...
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