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Call me Frenchy.
Call me Frenchy.


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It's an ad, yes, but it's also interesting to see the future visualized from the perspective of a glass manufacturer like Corning® — which, you might recall, is the company that produces the Gorilla® Glass [1] used in iOS devices like the iPhone.

Specifically, they see a world covered in glass displays — good for their bottom line of course, but also leading to the radical availability of computing surfaces everywhere.

Mentioned several times were the "partnership opportunities" for someone to produce "small footprint operating systems" to enable this kind of revolution in computing. Hmm, wonder who might produce that? ;)

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Interesting how many 'nearby' +ers are saying good-bye to NYC on their way through LaGuardia. Good-bye NYC- see ya next Tuesday!

So that's how 104 'feels'

How do people sit at a desk for 8 hours a day? Sitting down all day makes me cranky, achy and annoyed.

Why does anyone use WordPerfect?! (Pulls out hair)
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