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CLS West
Meetups for Community Managers in the San Francisco Bay Area
Meetups for Community Managers in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Community Leadership Summit West (AKA CLS West) 2013 is an annual unconference in the bay area. Please join experienced community leaders and organizers to discuss, debate and explore the many avenues of building strong community in an open unconference setting. All are welcome, but, you need to register in advance here:

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Next CLS West Meetup on Thursday, May 3, 2012

Organized by +Eric Herberholz for 7pm at the Silicon Valley Cloud Center (run by +Dave Nielsen) in Sunnyvale.

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#CLSWest is co-hosting this event with the First Thursday Silicon Valley meetup this coming Thursday at 7pm at the Silicon Valley Cloud Center in Sunnyvale. This is yet another free and open to the public event, but, we do ask that register in advance online for the meetup event linked to below. Thanks!

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This is the first #clswest meetup scheduled after our recent unconference. Check it out!
+Community Leadership Summit West is co-hosting this First Thursday Silicon Valley Online Community/Social Media meetup in Sunnyvale next Thursday, February 2nd, at 7pm. Come for the Online Community Best Practices Discussion led by +Kate Donahue (Velocidi) and stay for the Ohlala Tartes:

+Layla Sabourian +Eric Herberholz and +Dave Nielsen will be your hosts for the evening.

#octribe #clswest

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Just last weekend, we held #CLSWest 2012. We were sad to leave +DeVry University in Daly City, but, they no longer had the large shared space that we needed for our event. Luckily, +X.commerce came to our rescue and offered us the +eBay Town Hall Conference Center in San Jose for this one. One nice advantage of the new location was that we could use the space for the day and the evening too. So, we organized our community dinner this time in the same location as the unconference during the day. I don't think venue wise it can get any better than what we had this year. The weather was beautiful and people were able to eat lunch at the outdoor patio. In the evening, we had dinner at large round tables in one big room upstairs. It was the perfect community ending to a perfect community day.

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We returned to +DeVry University in Daly City for #CLSWest 2011. We continued the tradition of having a community event in the evening of the same day after the unconference. Only this time, we simplified things and had a commnity dinner at the Bohemian Loft in San Francisco that evening.

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Continuing the historical nature of the first #CLSWest posts, the +Eventbrite page is still available with info about CLS West 2010 including the attendee listing and the sponsors. The first event was at +DeVry University in Daly City and we held an evening +Ignite the same day that was Community Leadership themed. That first one almost killed +Van Riper and we have not attempted to do an Ignite on the same day since then. :-)

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I think it is appropriate that the very first #CLSWest +Page post should acknowledge the inspiration of +Jono Bacon and the inaugural Community Leadership Summit held back in the summer of 2009 when OSCON moved for just the one year to San Jose. If not for the combination of events that caused the first CLS to be held in San Jose, +Van Riper would not have been there and +Marsee Henon wouldn't have been able to nudge him into organizing the first CLS West in January of 2010.
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