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Posting for Poetry Express Berkeley
Posting for Poetry Express Berkeley

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Remembering LARRY CHRISPYN 4/24/17
4/24/2017  REMEMBERING LARRY CHRISPYN  hosted by J. D.   Larry Chrispyn passed away Feb 19, 2017 We will salute the Poet and honor his memory with readings from his works.  Dedicate a poem, share a memory, tell a Larry story, say farewell.... Remeber Larry ...

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Tom Odegard features 4/17/2017
4/17 Tom Odegard  hosted by Jan (Need a prompt? "On an Island"   -- you don't have to use those words.)   Tom Odegard (aka Tom/Ms.G) arrived in the Bay Area from Portland when he  was eight, in 1948.  When he was 12 he set about writing a science book but s...

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Victor James Smith Features 4/10/2017
4/10/2017  Victor James Smith   hosted by Jim Victor Smith is [a poet and artist] newly transplanted to Oakland. [He] spent the past several years living amid sagebrush and dust devils. [His] work [is seeming] to reproduce that elemental sparseness and turb...

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4/3/2017 MARK STATES RETURNS + CHRIS CHANDLER 7pm at the Monkey House, Berkeley
4/3/2017  Founders Night –   Mark States  returns to feature!   Chris Chandler Co-features !   Please contribute to his airfare with a donation during any of our sessions.   This session will be held at Monkey House so as to  accommodate  more people .  163...

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Poetry Expressed Magazine Poets feature 3/27/2017
3/27/2017   All Poets published in January 2017  Magazine are invited to read as co-features .  hosted by J.D. (Need a prompt? "There May Not Be Time"  -- you don't have to use those words.)

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Leila Rae features 3/20/2017
3/20/17 Leila Rae   hosted by Bruce (Need a prompt? "Hot Water"   -- you don't have to use those words.) Leila Rae is the editor/publisher at Pandemonium Press, located in Berkeley, CA. She edits and publishes three (3) online journals: riverbabble, Doorkno...

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Poetry Expressed Vol 2, Spring 2017
Poetry Expressed Vol 2,
Spring 2017 Poetry Expressed is the on-line Magazine voice
of Poetry Express Berkeley. for info. for contact. Poetry Express Berkeley is a
15 year-old venue meeting e...

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3/10/2017 G. Macias Gusman Reads
3/10/2017  G. Macias Gusman   hosted by Jim (Need a prompt?"Spandex"   -- you don't have to use that exact word.) G. Macias Gusman is a factory dog, a backhoe for the sun, a champion for splinters and blisters looking for homes on working hands: A Poet grow...

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Rose Black features 3/6/17
3/6/2017   Rose Black      hosted by Jan (Need a prompt? "Drink Coupon"   -- you don't have to use those words.) Rose Black lives and works by the railroad tracks in East Oakland. With their mountain dogs,  Basho and Dante, she and her husband operate Renai...
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