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Andrew Holden
Hey Culligan Man!
Hey Culligan Man!

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I would like to pay someone to help me design a process.

User Submitted Goole Form (Created by myself)

Imports into a Spreadsheet Takes Data Runs Calcs to Color Codes Each Box (Green, Yellow & Red)

Color Code Ranges will be set by Myself

Total of 20 Fields

Generates a PDF & Emails to Myself and Client on All Yellow & Red Issues.

Monthly Report Generated with PDF Emailed of Cumulative Stats (Avg Gallons Per Day) Any Service Work Performed

Contact me

This is a paying job.

Thank you

I can't get my PDF to print in $xx,xxx format

I am pulling from Google Sheets

i get XX.XXUSD

i want $XX

Please Help ASAP

Thank you

How do i set numeric output to US Currency $xx,xxx (no decimals)

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Come Visit at the Home Show This Weekend at the Convention Center

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Find your water solution in three easy steps! Let the Culligan Man be your guide. He's pretty helpful:

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We have locations worldwide -- that's a heck of a lot of Culligan men and women! Do you know the name of yours? Give them a shout out. We'll be sure they get the message. If you don't, meet yours today:

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You should be smelling chlorine in your pool, not your drinking water. So what gives? Find out in today's blog:
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