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Catch you on the road sometime...
Catch you on the road sometime...

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Seattle's Traffic Woes Overlook A Safe, Cost-Effective Option
Seattle has the 23rd (out of 1,064 cities) worst traffic on the planet, 10th worst in the USA (according to Kirkland-based traffic based traffic data firm INRIX   ).  This is even more staggering when one realizes that the Seattle metro area doesn't even cr...

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Does Banning Lane-Sharing Cost Lives?
During discussions with legislators on Washington State's legislative bill ESB5378, there seems to be three main positions of opposition:   1) The likelihood of some motorcyclists to violate the law and lane-split at high speeds on the freeway. 2) That allo...

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Motorcycles Should Be Comprehensibly Integrated Into Transportation Planning Policy
In the first few decades of the 20th Century, motorcycles were a critical transportation mode in America.  Especially in the urban areas, motorcycles filled many of the day to day needs of business for transportation and delivery.  However, by the time of t...

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A brief post in memory of the 57 victims of the Mt St Helens eruption in 1980.

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In Memory Of The Mt St Helens 57
In the Spring of 1980, one of several volcanoes in Washington State began rumbling back to life.  After a small crater opened up in the ice cap with steam eruptions, it became evident that Mt St Helens was moving towards an eruption.  At the time, volcanolo...

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Washington Motorcycle Fatality Data Unreliable
There is a need for accurate data regarding motorcycle safety and the part motorcycles play in the states transportation policies.  Currently not even the annual motorcycle fatality rate is accurately tracked.  Different agencies within state government who...

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This British Government website seems to almost be written by a motorcycle rights activist. So eloquently stating the necessity and benefits of including motorcycles in highway planning policies. If only American highway planners looked at the issues this way.

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British Government Promotes Highway Planning Involving Motorcycles
There is a British website called the "Motorcycle Framework" that I think everyone involved in the Washington State Transportation and
Licensing Departments should examine closely. 
It speaks so eloquently of how safety and transportation planning can be

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This post demonstrates several factors that add to the risk of fatalities and severe injuries during motorcycle crashes. It also provides options for Washington Dept. of Transportation to help mitigate many severe and life-threatening injuries to motorcyclists during a crash.

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Bicyclists Given More Consideration Than Motorcyclists In Highway Design?
"Rumble strip usage on the shoulders of undivided highways
demands strategic application because bicycle usage is more prevalent along the
shoulders of these roadways.  Rumble strips affect the comfort and control
of bicycle riders; consequently their use i...
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