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Grrr hosting problems!
If you are having trouble, try:

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Not sure on the previous record... but over 600 is the best ever in all 3 years of being online!

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"Status is a duplicate" & "Status is over 140 characters."

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There has never been a better time to become a Twitaculous VIP member!

Twitter has increased their follow limit to 5000! You can follow more fantastic brands/companies than ever before.

Give Twitaculous a go. A Free 1 week no obligation, no paypal/credit-card needed trial. One click to activate and enter as many competitions as you like for a whole week.

Don't forget Christmas is coming up, #win a fab #prize for a special someone!

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Wow! Just added our 100,000th competition!!!

I am truly sorry about all the "Invalid Token" errors. I have been genuinely doing all I can to fix this. I have spent many hours looking into it and have still found no solution. I've spent hours altering the site, changing and adding code to see what is going on.

I have asked in the Twitter developer's community and nobody has any solution, or even a reason why it happens. A couple of promising suggestions didn't pan out after testing.

Unfortunately Twitter doesn't have much in the way of directly contacting about such things, so all I can do is keep experimenting and hope someone from Twitter does get back to me.

I've added a "manual entry" link to each Tweet, so you will be able to continue to enter. I've added a link under the Twitaculous logo at the top of the site for you to get in contact about this particular issue as I'm happy to add extra VIP days to people experiencing this particular error.

For one day only you can add a whole year to your VIP membership for a reduced price of £29.99. This offer is only available until midnight!

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It's not often that categories such as
or Home and Garden:

Get pushed down the list of most used categories...

#WorldBookDay already has more than 60 competitions!
Mostly ending today - don't miss out!!!!

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Sadly due to circumstances outside our control, we've had to make some hard decisions regarding the future of Twitaculous. Unfortunately from now we've had to make the site subscription based.

For quite some time we were happy to run the site barely (or usually not) covering it's costs. We've enjoyed making the site popular and helping people enter and (most importantly) win some fantastic goodies. It's been great knowing we helped put a few iPads into people's hands ;)

The recent and previous advert problems, with people getting redirected to phishing, malware and spammy websites, were a major contributing factor but it's mostly that Twitaculous often takes more than a full-time job's worth of hours every week to maintain and we simply don't have the time needed to add all the competitions spare any more. We've done our best, but have seriously struggled.

We really want Twitaculous to continue and be popular, useful and fun. And we hope you will consider becoming a VIP and help us make it to three years (and beyond) of listing Twitter competitions! We think the amount is fair and good value. Don't forget to take advantage of the £1 for 2 weeks offer when you start a Paypal subscription.

We'll continue to try to find ways to make you VIP for free and think of other ways to fund the site in the future.

If nothing else please take advantage of a free week trial
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