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The most difficult task of the exam is to write an essay. This task involves testing students' ability to identify the problem, to argue their point of view, applying knowledge from history, literature, modern reality; possession of students of basic concepts, terms, theoretical course material. As you know, the themes are set in the form of brief statements by representatives of public thought, political figures, scientists and cultural figures. In some cases, the statements are aphoristic in nature. Each topic statement is conditionally correlated with one of the basic sciences of the social science course, but graduates are entitled to disclose it in the context of any social science or several sciences.
After selecting a topic, refer to the draft. Fully writing on the draft essay is not necessary. On the draft, the graduate makes only a plan of his essay, an approximate brief outline of the meaning of the phrase, his argument, points of view of scientists, concepts and theoretical positions that he is going to give in his work, as well as an approximate order of their location one after another, taking into account the semantic logic of the essay.
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