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in case the default is not cool enough ;)
thx +Ramin Honary
The trick is to make sure you keep 4Helium the hell away from 20Neon, because those two elements fuse to 24Magnesium which never decays or fuses with anything else (according to the rules in this game).

(thanks to +Asbjørn Grandt for sharing this game with me)

#Fe26  -- the stellar fusion version of 2048
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This looks so cool!!!
I miss nuclear physics...I got some Neon and Argon before running out. . 
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You win or you die.

#gameofthrones  playing cards @ Etsy
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I want these too.
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Buongiorno e buonissima Domenica a tutti....
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Gravity's Shadow

When Isaac Newton presented his theory of universal gravitation it revolutionized our view of the universe. Rather than having a separate set of laws for the heavens and terrestrial physics, universal gravity unified heaven and Earth and marked the beginning of astrophysics.  But universal gravity required a strange behavior known as action-at-a-distance.  That is, two masses separated by great distances could experience a force of attraction between them without ever being in contact with each other.  Just how that was possible wasn’t clear, and Newton’s theory provided no explanation.

In 1748  Georges-Louis Le Sage proposed a solution to this problem.  He argued that gravity wasn’t due to a mutual attraction between masses, but rather due to the interactions of particles moving through space. In the Le Sage model, the universe is filled with a sea of corpuscles (basically particles) speeding along in all directions.  A single mass would be pushed evenly in all directions, thus there would be a downward force toward its surface. Two masses in the vicinity of each other would cause an imbalance between them.  Basically, the two masses would cast “shadows” upon each other so that there would be less corpuscles in the region between them.  As a result the two masses would be pushed toward each other.

If this kind of “shadow gravity” were real, then it seems that the gravitational force between two masses should be proportional to their size, not their mass.  After all, larger objects cast larger shadows.  But Le Sage argued that masses are mostly empty space, with small clumps of matter spread throughout the object.  The greater an object’s mass, the more numerous the clumps.  Thus matter is somewhat opaque to these gravity corpuscles, but more massive objects are less opaque.  Thus more massive objects cast darker shadows, and therefore are pushed more strongly to each other.

Le Sage’s shadow gravity model was never very popular, in large part because its focus was to explain the mechanism of gravity without making any testable predictions.  Newton’s action-at-a-distance may be strange, but it works extraordinarily well as a physical theory. By the early 1900s, when Einstein developed the general theory of relativity, gravity was seen as a local effect due to the curvature of space.  Action-at-a-distance isn’t needed for gravity, and so Le Sage’s idea is generally considered a failed idea.

That hasn’t stopped some from continuing to pursue the model.  The idea shows up now and then in alternative (aka fringe) models in various forms. As evidence for their ideas, many point to an experiment known as the lunar eclipse gravity test.  If such a shadow gravity model were true, then during a total solar eclipse there should be a small shift in the strength of gravity as the moon shadows Earth from the Sun.  Curiously, there have been experiments to test for such an effect, and there may be a strange gravity shift going on.

Most of the tests focus on the motion of a Foucault pendulum during a total eclipse.  This was first studied by Maurice Allais in 1954, who noted that a pendulum shifted an extra 13 degrees during a total eclipse.  Over the next 50 years similar experiments have been done, with some showing an effect, and some not.  It is sometimes referred to as the Allais effect.  Although shadow gravity fans argue the Allais effect supports their models, but if that were the case there should also be an Allais effect during a lunar eclipse, which hasn’t been observed.  Supporters often note that Allais is a Nobel laureate, but he was awarded the Nobel in Economics, not physics.  The most modern tests for the effect using gravimeters and automated pendulums have observed no Allais effect, so even the validity of the effect is questioned.

Perhaps what’s most interesting about Le Sage’s model is how it got some ideas right.  With light, shadow effects between dust particles do produce a small net attractive force, and that force follows an inverse square relation just like gravity.  It is sometimes referred to as mock gravity.  And matter really is mostly empty space, with dense clumps of matter spread throughout an object.  We now know that these are the nuclei of atoms.

Sometimes in the pursuit of understanding we create models that are right in some ways and wrong in others.  The only way we can separate the good ideas from the bad is to keep testing them against experimental evidence.  It’s how we can move our theories out of the shadows.

Image: Georges-Louis Le Sage
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via +Jessica Meyer 
Incoming storm over Tokyo.
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cool idea, thx +Jessica Meyer
Learning Chinese

I remember the TED Talk about this. If you missed it: ShaoLan: Learn to read Chinese ... with ease!
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Virtual life forms: 19 years later math drives the evolution

1994 : Evolved Virtual Creatures (Karl Sims)
Karl SimsEvolved Virtual Creatures (1994)

The creatures shown are results the final products from many independent simulations in which they were selected for swimming, walking, jumping, following, and competing for control of a green cube.

2013 : Flexible Muscle-Based Locomotion for Bipedal Creatures (Thomas Geijtenbeek, Michiel van de Panne, A. Frank van der Stappen)
Computer simulations teaching themselves to walk - Bizarre!

We present a muscle-based control method for simulated bipeds in which both the muscle routing and control parameters are optimized. This yields a generic locomotion control method that supports a variety of bipedal creatures. All actuation forces are the result of 3D simulated muscles, and a model of neural delay is included for all feedback paths. As a result, our controllers generate torque patterns that incorporate biomechanical constraints. The synthesized controllers find different gaits based on target speed, can cope with uneven terrain and external perturbations, and can steer to target directions.

fascinating! thx, +Ted Ewen and +prosthetic knowledge 
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+Vicky Gallardo, very welcome
yes! they are hillarious , hopping neck-toid is buoyant 
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