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Hope and Love for All
By Sr. Paris Slapikas For I was hungry, and you denied me food stamps;    I was homeless, and you gated your community;  Jobless, and you demanded to see my green card;  Naked, and you sexted me;  Weak and you exploited me;  Alone, and you avoided me;  Poor...

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Casting My Lot
By Sr. Meg Kymes On January 7th I made my vows for the first time.   Some of my family was able to come to
celebrate this next step with me.   My
mom’s cousin, Mary Margaret, came from Kansas City to Emmitsburg for my
celebration.   After the Mass, Mary

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On Immigration, Formation, and Companions On The Journey
By Sr. Romina Sapinoso Religious life formation is not for the faint of
heart. I have come up with a long list of figurative language with which to
illustrate the experience of formation. Novitiate is like being in timeout… for
a whole year. Timeouts in the...

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Cognitive Dissonance
By Sr. Laura Coughlin The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or
attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change . With most of
America, I’ve been watching the news carefully these last two weeks. 
Images of marchin...

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Their Dignity
By Victoria Hood Please read the following poem (which I wrote) in the context and consideration of my current ministry, which is working with adults in the Kansas City, KS, area who have developmental disabilities. Thank you. Their Dignity A person’s digni...

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Inauguration Day Prayer
Today, the United States officially receives its 45th president.  After one of the most divisive elections in national history, we hope and pray for  healing among all people and  that our government will be moved by the Spirit to work cooperatively for the...

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Responding to God’s Love
By Whitney Schieltz This week we returned to Ordinary Time; and
after spending the holidays with my family in Ohio, I returned to community
life and ministry at the Border.   As I
caught up with friends and coworkers, many expressed a relief and joy for

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My, How You’ve Grown!
By Sr. Andrea
Koverman Typically
reserved for young children, this is not a comment most adults are accustomed
to hearing.  It’s a joyous exclamation
that gives expression to the wonder we experience when witnessing an infant
transforming into a toddler, a ...

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Looking Back at 2016
As another calendar year comes to a close, we
thought it would be nice to look back at the graces that filled our lives
throughout the past twelve months.  We prompted
our bloggers to reflect on the standout moments and experiences of their year, what

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Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday Jesus, Remember the reason for the season: The Incarnation.
By Sr. Judy Donohue It use to upset me that people put up their Christmas
decorations before Thanksgiving.  Then I
thought, let it be a reminder that Jesus can be born in our lives every day.
Now I see them as a time to remember Jesus desires to be born in ...
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