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Quite possibly a visionary

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"Children who spend time with a robotic companion appear to pick up elements of its behavior. New experiments suggest that when kids play with a robot that's a real go-getter, for instance, the child acquires some of its unremitting can-do attitude."

Some parents "have complained that Amazon's Alexa personal assistant is training their children to be rude. Alexa doesn’t need people to say please and thank you, will tolerate answering the same question over and over, and remains calm in the face of tantrums. In short: it doesn’t prime kids for how to interact with real people.

Look, I know you don't need anybody. You do need to keep pricing that to yourself over and over, because you need a sense of Independence and that scratches the itch.

I have a need to feel useful. You don't need me, you let me help as a favor to me. Doing for you scratches my itch, helps you out - and rather than impinge your independence, speaks of your kindness.

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This time is really getting close to home for me. Never thought I would need basic income so soon.. 😆


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"Since humans are the ones creating them, the machines and machine intelligences are likely to behave just like humans."

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DeepMind just published a mind blowing paper: PathNet.

"Potentially describing how general artificial intelligence will look like.

Since scientists started building and training neural networks, Transfer Learning has been the main bottleneck. Transfer Learning is the ability of an AI to learn from different tasks and apply its pre-learned knowledge to a completely new task. It is implicit that with this precedent knowledge, the AI will perform better and train faster than de novo neural networks on the new task.

DeepMind is on the path of solving this with PathNet. PathNet is a network of neural networks, trained using both stochastic gradient descent and a genetic selection method.

PathNet is composed of layers of modules. Each module is a Neural Network of any type, it could be convolutional, recurrent, feedforward and whatnot."
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