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Ken Dorr
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Ken Dorr

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Der große Vergleich
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Ken Dorr

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Hello Richard, We have an Excalibur Dehydrator and we simply put them husked into it for 32 days at 105 degrees. This keeps the nutrition intact and makes them easy to pop out when cracking the shell. If you don't dehydrate them they will be very difficult to remove when cracked open.

Ken Dorr

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Beets are a must at our house!
Along with a huge nutritional contribution that can fuel your body, beets provide cleansing properties that can facilitate a transition to a healthier lifestyle.
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Very cool! We absolutely love our beets. Between Kale and Beets our house is complete.
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Ken Dorr

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Ken Dorr

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Most know the effects of cooked food on our body's system, but for those who don't, it's worth learning what happens to the food and the body. I found it fascinating. 
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Good info! 
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Ken Dorr

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Our macadamia nut tree is in full bloom. Love the mac!
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Hi Ken,

I'm wondering if you might be willing to forward this info to the
community? The 3rd class is free at People's Coop April 16....I usually
call it "FOOD for THOUGHT....Thoughts ARE FOOD!!!"- an NVC Basics Intro-
it's about making* mindful word choices *just as important as
making mindful food choices! The thoughts we think & the words we say...ARE
POWERFUL...either to serve life or alienate life.

Thanks Ken,


Hello community..

*NVC / COMPASSIONATE Communication *
3- upcoming offerings:
Hi Giraffers (Giraffe is the land animal with the largest heart..for
Heart-Centered communication)

I'm excited to continue the learning together!!...with this very useful
information that supports clear, self-responsible and empowering

Please RSVP 858 344-0898

*~Sat March 22 10a-12:30 ~ "POWERFUL DisTiNCTions!" * The follow up to
the Basic:
POWERFUL DIStiNCtionS!!. -well beyond the distinctions of *a need vs.
feeling, *a f*eeling vs. a *thought or a *request vs. a demand *....we
explore for example a respons**e vs. a reaction,
power- with vs. power-over, being **values generated vs.* stimulus
driven* & many, many others that are so useful in really supporting clear,
self-responsible and empowering communication.

Saturday, MARCH 22, 9:45 am-12:30
4359 Vallejo Ave, SD 92117 (private home)
$25-$40 (sliding scale-if you need support with a different amount please
speak with me)
RSVP to 858 344-0898 <858%20344-0898>

~Wed. March 26 6:45p-9p ~ "Loving YOU without Losing ME!!-Part B

NVC based-
*"Loving YOU without Losing ME!..the ART of Holding on to YOURSELF in
Relationship!"* ~

- Understanding how & why we "get lost" (i.e. lose ourselves, our
rhythms, our needs)
- FuN & Empowering practice exercises for "holding on to YOURSELF"
- The Power of NO!~ saying Yes when you mean YES. and NO when you mean
- Fighting FAIR

Wednesday, March 26,
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Ken Dorr

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Love our planet and all the amazing elements.
by three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.                 <Confucius >

                                      wish you a nice evening
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Ken Dorr

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Ken Dorr

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I spoke last night at a Kale Talk in San Diego and when the topic of modern day slavery came up, people were shocked, somewhat confused and in a state of disbelief. It is happening every day and it's our responsibility to end it, Period. +Kale University joins the movement to shine a light on slavery and commits to seeing it end.

The photographs and video from a TED Talk are worth viewing. +Lisa Kristine is an amazing woman and she is making a difference. Her photographs of this subject in particular are haunting, touching and show a side we rarely get to see, " a human being trying to survive" in a world that has allowed slavery to continue and grow. Their eyes are a window to their soul.

I encourage everyone to pass it on in a way that helps educate and most of all, sheds light on such a dark and irresponsible act. We have the power to end this now!

#kaleuniversity   #slaveryneverended   #photography   #tedtalk   #kaletalk  
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Ken Dorr

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Thank you everyone in the Raw Community for making our Kale U. event a great success. Here is a short video from the day.
#kaleuniversity   #rawfood   #sandiego   #vegan  
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I'm an artist, raw food chef, speaker/story teller and health nut.
I was born and grew up (if you can call it that) in california. I love the outdoors, a healthy lifestyle and I have a photography and painting passion as well as staying creative in the kitchen by teaching raw food classes and developing my SIP (spontaneous intuitive preparation) method for creating new and exciting dishes. The name of the game in healthy eating for me is to stay as close to the natural source as possible.
Bragging rights
Successfully Led a group of experience guides down a flood stage whitewater river in the primitive area of Idaho on a 6 day trip when the forest service told us it was suicidal. We were young, crazy and never disrespected the force of nature.
  • Boise State University
    Photography, 1975 - 1977
  • Brooks Institute of Photography
    Photography, 1977 - 1979
Basic Information
Public Speaker, Raw Food Chef, Artist, Co-Founder of Kale University, Facilitator at The Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, California.
  • Optimum Health Institute
    Facilitator, present
  • Kale University
    CEO, present
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