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Looking or a girl who will listen to me read Warcraft novels over Skype while she takes her shit off.
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Oh, okay, I'll just ask the hour of twilight to wait until you're ready.
Are you going to be up later? Because I'm actually totally down once my friends leave my house. 
I wouldn't want Reddit to know that I like naked women.
currently reigning in at 287 upvotes and 158 downvotes. that means (at least!) 445 lucky individuals know that +Alena Campbell is willing to show off them titties.
For the right book, who wouldn't? You have no idea how captivating my Orc voice is.
I'm down for orcs AND boobies, but I have concerns about both at once crosswiring my libido and making me only horny for green girls.
Redditor, here. And no deal; my shirt's already off. PROBLEM? :D
You're white. Green tits or gtfo, with or without baconning narwhals.
Tell me I'm pretty like a night-elf, or you can pay for your own beer! (Hey, at least I'm not talking about 2am chili!)
What the hell, how did I get here? Damn internets!
This is possibly going to end badly, never fear I will eat you both.
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