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My latest: Startups who omit strategic plan face tragic consequences. Just ask reddit. 

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Post has attachment curated yesterday's article on 5 NBA Startup Strategies. Thank you CEO Blog Nation! It's an honor to be included in your wonderful resource for CEOs.

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7 Reasons to Buy a New Home Instead of a Resale

Imagine the older home that you bought recently is now enduring its first summer heat wave. You’re coming home from being out all day and eager to get out of the heat and into your air conditioned home. You walk inside and are stopped in your tracks when you realize it’s hotter inside than outside! The air conditioner is broken and you must now spend thousands on a new unit. This was definitely unexpected.
Now imagine that you’ve walked inside to find the same problem except you’re living in a brand new home. You instantly have peace of mind as you phone in the issue to an HVAC company knowing this is all covered by the home warranty.
What a relief!
A home warranty is just one of 7 reasons to buy a new home instead of resale. We’ll discuss the warranty and the other 6 reasons below. Read on!

Reason 1: Covered by a Warranties
Nothing is worse than buying a beautiful resale home and having the water heater fail, or even worse, a facing a structural issue within the first year of living there.
New homes come with peace of mind: warranties that guarantee homeowners will be worry free for up to 10 years. Look for a warranty that covers labor, materials, HVAC, electrical systems, and the structure of the home.

Reason 2: Normally Much More Energy Efficient
Did you know that homes built in 1939 or before use around 50 percent more energy per square foot than those constructed in 2000 (NY Times - The percent has increased even more drastically since then.
New homes have better insulation, new appliances, airtight windows and doors, and ridge vents. The energy savings over the time the average family owns a home is substantial, and the financial savings adds up.

Reason 3: Ability to Personalize and Customize Features
Building a new home allows you to customize interior design components you prefer into the home right from the start, like decorative ceilings, a choice of appliances, lighting fixtures, cabinetry and more. Put your personal style into everything in the home.

Reason 4: Latest Technology
New homes come with the latest in technology: new appliances and HVAC, lighting, electrical and more. You can rest assured that you will benefit from all of the latest discoveries in residential construction.

Reason 5: Choice of Home Site
Get your perfect home on your ideal home site. Do you prefer a wooded backyard, a corner home site, or a home at the end of a cul-de-sac? The choice is yours. You can provide your own land and have a new home built on your own home site.

Reason 6: Customization Galore
With a new home, you can choose specifics on the layout like whether or not to add on an in-law suite or a sunroom. You are able to decide just what you wish to pay for and what to leave off; making a home that is 100% perfect for your lifestyle.

Reason 7: Choice of Colors Inside and Outside
New home buyers have the opportunity to pick the colors of the exterior materials, cabinets, and appliances, flooring, and counter tops inside the home. No need to budget in extra funds for changes or upgrades at a later date.
Are you in the market for a new home? Get information on Marrick Homes’ new construction.
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