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Design. Technology. Business.

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Tech toolkit: 5 things marketers need to know about the smartwatch

Corruption affects everyone!

Yes, corrupt cash is flooding in to property. How much? We don't know.

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Greek Lemon Chicken Rice Soup

Melbourne is so freezing I expect to bump into Elsa anytime now.

The weatherboard house doesn't help either as insulation is pretty much non-existent. Apparently, these popular Victorian style houses were built by the early days settlers who were still adamant that Australia is a much more summery place than their places of origin. And guess what.... It's 0 degree Celsius this morning. Shocker!

Anyway. I tried cooking this heart and body warming dish last night. Super easy. Super minimal ingredients. And perfect to ward off the bugs. It makes one big pot that can feed a family of very hungry four (or 8 if they're on a diet)

What to dump in the pot
3 lemons (grate 1, zest 1, juice all 3)
1 cup of rice
2 liters salt reduced chicken stock
3 big cloves of garlic (put more to boost your immune system) - chopped/ flattened
A handful of mint leaves. Chopped
1 chicken breast - diced nicely after thanking the chicken for their selfless act of martyrdom
2 eggs - scrambled

How to cook
Dump everything in a big pot, turn on the fire and pour some wine.

OK. Not quite, but close.

1. Boil grated lemon rind with 2L stock.
2. Dump rice. Cook until soft
3. Dump chicken. Cook for 5min
4. Take pot off heat. Stir in lemon juice
5. Take one big spoon of soup and stir into egg
6. Stir egg mixture slowly into pot
7. Sprinkle with mint and lemon zest


Typing g+ on nexus so painful what. Major keyboard lag. Why Google why. I thought you're in bed with android...

#lazychef #recipe

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Alternative payments, banking and lending solution are coming. Power to the people? Exciting times!

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Stop Designing for Millennials

Say something only when you can improve the silence

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40's and 50's Oh yes.
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