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Awwww it's that time again.  Over on Facebook I've been a busy little ZomBee, turning one friend a day into the undead.  I release my "army" on Halloween - this is a tradition that I look forward to all year, folks.

But this Doll right here - She was today's Zombie.  And she has the distinction of being my favorite Zombie ever made.

In real life, she's a Nurse and a Yoga/Pilates instructor.  Smart AND Limber.  You better run, People. She's got you on Limber Up AND Cardio....

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what a great idea!  Looking forward to all your zombified portraits!
Thanks, +Bj Bolender This is my third year running doing this.  I start getting requests in JULY!  Lol.  (but of course, I always wait until the last minute).  I never do the same person two years in a row.  Unless you're my best friend.  She gets one every year.  :) serious?! You did this?!! This is absolutely incredible - you are immensely talented!!
Thank you so much +Jules Alexis. That's some pretty high praise! It's kind of a sickness and obsession, this Zombie making. 
I have a similar Zombie obsession but no talent to do anything with it :P
This is just incredible +Kiki Nelson i love your undead army! Expert skin detail here! hahah you go girl! 
Thanks so much +lane langmade.  This was an exceptionally nice photograph to do, too.  Most facebook profile photos are low resolution madness.  This one was so fill the frame beautiful, I got to focus more on skin textures and eyeball veins. 
i totally agree and see exactly what you're talking about!!! :) +Kiki Nelson you started with a great foundation right! 
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