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Website security is getting to be quite an issue these days. A lot of our customers use the Wordpress and Joomla platforms. These are referred to as a CMS, or "Content Management System". There are pros and cons to these platforms as with anything.

One of the cons is security. To help address that, Security updates are allows being released to patch vulnerability issues that hackers find. Before any update is done, your website should be backed up, meaning, a copy of all your files should be downloaded to a computer in case the update breaks the website.

Once these files are downloaded, we scan them for Viruses and Malware. Unfortunately, we are finding a lot of our customers have Viruses, Trojan Horses, and Malware in their emails. A tip to help avoid this issue is allows delete your junk emails. Be aware though, if you delete the email from your inbox, that email then goes to another folder like "Trash", "Junk" etc. Where it goes all depends on what email program you are using. BE SURE THESE FILES GO BYE BYE.

For more information on keeping your website and computers safe, please feel free to contact us.

4Boxers is a Lyoness Merchant. Now you can receive cash back on your web site projects. Are you unfamiliar with what Lyoness is? Contact us at (541) 621-0577 for more information.

We are finally done with our new company website. It is a Responsive Web Design platform that is Mobile Device Friendly.

4Boxers Web Design is offering 4 page Responsive Web Design Templates with one year of hosting for only $400! This includes a contact form page allowing your web site visitors to email you. (Only available with New Hosting accounts or Transfers.)

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When every click matters, don't depend on luck.

I'm really starting to have a new respect for WordPress. It seems to be leaving Drupal behind. The HTML5 and CSS3 makes WordPress a really tight platform now. Unfortunately though, like Drupal, the .htaccess file has no expires headers for CSS, Images or Favicon. WordPress also does a great job on reducing HTTP requests even though it sports multiple CSS files. GOOD FOR YOU WORDPRESS!
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