One of the smaller changes in the Australian Federal budget, but which was flagged as a discussion point six months back or more, is the restrictions on the LAFHA (Living Away From Home Allowance).
Previously, beyond a minimum salary level (I believe somewhere around the $60-70,000 mark) workers under a 457 visa could be paid through the LAFHA which had concessionary tax treatment.

This is being tightened up so that it is really only usable if you have to maintain a second residence in Australia. That means there'll be a flurry of contract re-negotiations as employees try to avoid dents in their pay packets while employers try to hold back pay increases.

If you work in a company that employs people on 457 visas, expect lots of coffee meetings.

I was intrigued to learn a few weeks back that US citizens abroad, even in Australia, still have to fill in US tax returns and even pay US taxes.
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