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Patience is a virtue lost on me.
Patience is a virtue lost on me.

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Have: 2xAkira 17, 1 Acolyte, 1 Jahan

Want: Anything I don't have.

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After a stressful day of dealing with annoying humans in meatspace, good Ingress Agents like to kick back and relax.  Some of us are members of that special breed known as “Operators.”  You know, us nutjobs that come up with those beautiful multilayered BAF’s/megafields/gigafields and then help boots on the ground execute the plan by religiously watching the Intel map, calling agents to clear blockers, coordinating link throws, etc.  Some of us in the Operator ranks like to relax by collaborating on plans via video conference.  My fellow operators and mentors @irascor, @bangdown16, and @quarkgent are among those.  We were having a video conference one night unwinding and spitballing potential plays when the idea struck one of us to use a portal out in a Pennsylvania State Park as an anchor for a major field.  Then we had to go bigger.  We had to have at least a million MU out of every field we threw as part of this design.  Within three hours, we had a plan that, amazingly, had very, very few blocking links to make a reality and would be at least 16 million MU when properly executed.

The plan came together so perfectly and quickly that it almost seemed too good to be true.  Anchors were chosen in suitably enjoyable locations with vertices in Ligonier, PA.  @irascor and I farmed keys for the anchor in Cadiz, OH and keys were left to establish the baseline link between the two anchors.

On Saturday, February 20 we began operations for the fields.  Agents @bangdown16 and @irascor began link clearing.  Agents @bmac0 and @orange1924 secured the northern anchor located in a Pennsylvania State Park.  Superstar agent @bangdown16 drove the southern lane multiple times to remove blocking links and agent @wrenchflats cleared blockers in the southeastern corner.  Agents @quarkgent and @TwistedNut176 cleared some blocking links along the eastern lanes on their way into Ligonier, PA.  @E315 also assisted with lane clearing, clearing a blocking field on his way to Ligonier.  New agent @RubidiumWolfram assisted with some lane clearing near Washington, PA, and agent @peanutelephant was one of our superstars, clearing some of the last and most annoying blockers for the southern lane.  Agents @RNaaly and @BlakeDark waited VERY patiently at blocking links in the northwest quadrant while the remaining lanes were cleared, being two more of our four superstars during this operation.  Unfortunately, the time @bangdown16 spent clearing links prevented him from participating further.

Finally, with the lanes cleared, links were sent from Ligonier, PA to Cadiz, OH and to the Moraine State Park.  Agent @rekkanoryo gave @CelticFem the key to establish the baseline link from Cadiz, OH to Moraine State Park.  @CelticFem established the link and scored the first million MU of the operation.  Agents on the ground in Ligonier, PA took turns completing their fields for a grand total of 16 million MU.  Agents scoring fields from Ligonier include @TwistedNut176, @irasCoR, @wrenchflats, @E315, @nerdybookgurl101, @quarkgent, @bmac0, @orange1924, and @enjoythevibez.

Of course, no good field stands long, so it wasn’t long before several RES agents showed up in Ligonier to take the fields down.  A battle ensued in which several fields were able to be re-thrown, earning @TwistedNut176 and @irasCoR their black/onyx Illuminator badges.

Some special mentions:

Thank you, RES agent @Groden, for your anchor.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  And no,@MRROGERS, @quarkgent isn’t colorblind--it was 50 degrees, much more like spring--GREEN.  

Congratulations @nerdybookgurl101 for being the youngest player to earn Platinum Illuminator with just one throw in AM01-KILO-10 and to both her and @CelticFem for each earning Silver, Gold, and Platinum Illuminator in a single field for each player!  Additional congratulations are in order for @enjoythevibez for earning his platinum Illuminator, and for @irasCoR and @TwistedNut176 earning their black/onyx.

One final bit of thanks to RES agent @gwenix for helping the local economy, specifically the oil industry, by spending the gas to drive from Pittsburgh, PA, to Cadiz, OH to ADA the southwestern anchor after the fields were already down and couldn't be reestablished.

@CelticFem would like to express her thanks to agent @rekkanoryo for giving up a 1 million MU field for her and to the rest of the crew for being patient during the delay in getting to the Cadiz portal.

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who assisted in this operation, from lane clearing to securing anchors to key farming, to finally getting where you needed to be to get things done.  And most importantly, congratulations to everyone involved in throwing this construct--we couldn’t have done this without any of you!

+Ingress  #sitrep   #BEEF   #wherespittsburgh  

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Added photos to #IngressFS Wheeling, WV - February 2016.

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After 20 months and two weeks I finally reached level 16.

I was finally under 500,000 AP needed to level up, so I decided when I got out of bed this morning that it was time to finally get it.  I expected to have to work outside my normal play areas today as just last night I had rebuilt much of those areas, however, some Resistance agents decided to pay my a visit to the city I work in.  Although they didn't destroy every portal (I was able to ADA a few before they got to them and they left a few outlying portals), they destroyed enough that I was able to rake in over 330,000 AP in about two hours of carefully linking to create as many fields as possible.

By sheer dumb luck, when I started playing Ingress all those months ago, my employer's main office was already a portal.  Completely by accident, I achieved level 8 (28 days into playing) by linking into that portal and creating two fields.  Later I went on to earn the gold Hacker and builder badges and the black Translator badge from this same portal.  Given my history with that portal, it seemed to me that I needed to use that portal for my final bit of AP for one last level gain.  I linked into the portal from the side I couldn't get a key for, then returned to the portal and made the link to close the field.  Finally, the crowning achievement, that last 1,500 XM capacity in the tank, and the bragging rights that come with being only the fourth player in the local community to reach level 16.

As the Agent Stats screenshot shows, I gained 479,245 AP today.  Overall, this is my second best single-day AP gain.  However, my record was during the double AP days last November.  Accounting for that, my best day would have been under 350,000 without the AP doubling.  So I stand by today as my best single-day normal AP gain.

Now to decide how best to spend my play time...

Thanks to everyone who's helped me along the way, especially the smurfs.  You hunted my guardians, you fielded over me repeatedly, you tried to break me.  You failed to break me, but you did forge a level 16 frog in the end.  Thanks for the AP!
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It's only a matter of time now.  I can't be stopped anymore.  Only slowed.  I will reach level 16 before all my enemies do and even before most of my friends.

Food for thought…

Levels 9-16 are essentially worthless.  Oh, yay, we have a bigger XM tank.  Oh, and a L16 player can recharge at 50% efficiency at a distance of 4 Mm (that’s 4,000 km, which is 4,000,000 m or 2,485.48 miles, for those unfamiliar with metric prefixes).  Big thrill--there are very few practical needs and uses for that recharge range and the XM tank isn’t that helpful.  I have some suggestions for other benefits to being a higher level agent that would make attaining those higher levels actually worthwhile.

1. Power Cubes - L8 is the max?  Seriously?  Level 8 cubes are a joke to a level 12 or above player.  Let us higher level players hack higher capacity power cubes from L8 portals.  Given the XM bar limitations at higher levels, I would suggest allowing up to L12 or L13 cubes.

2. Power Cube Consolidation - Just like it sounds, let us combine power cubes, with the cost of some lost XM to make the consolidated cube.  Two level 6 cubes could combine to become a L11 cube (11,000 XM) or two level 7 cubes could become a L13 cube (13,000 XM) for example.

3. Resonator deployments - allow a L16 agent to deploy 3xL8, 3XL7, and 4xL6; allow L15 to deploy 2xL8, 3xL7, and 4xL6; allow L14 to deploy 1xL8, 3xL7, and 4xL6; allow L13 to deploy 1xL8, 2xL7, and 4xL6; allow L12 and above to deploy 4xL6, allow L11 and above to deploy 8xL5, allow L10 and above to deploy 4xL5, and allow L9 and above to deploy 8xL4.  Yes, I’m aware this would allow an L16 agent to deploy a L7 portal by himself.  I’m OK with that.  It would be great to no longer require L4 and L5 resonators to fully deploy a portal at level 12 and higher.

4. Portal Keys - Some portals are ridiculously hard to get keys from.  I have a particular portal that my success rate is, in all seriousness, less than 5%.  Even when I have no key at all--not dropped on the ground, not in a capsule, not at all.  I have another portal that I’ve been able to extract 200 keys from over the course of a couple weeks.  This needs to be more consistent and less painful.  Also, it’d be nice if keys weren’t such a hit to the inventory cap (i.e. 2 or 4 keys equal one slot in inventory) or if they had a separate cap, say limit of 1000 keys and 2000 other items (and count keys in capsules toward both the key cap and  the “other items” cap to prevent someone from using capsules to work around the key limit).

5. Recharging - Recharging is ridiculously laggy.  If I have 8 L8+ agents recharging on a portal, a single L7 agent should not be able to win and kill the portal.

6. Attack notifications - It would also be nice if attack notifications came in before the portal is neutralized, captured, fully deployed, and holding up 6 fields.

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Agent rekkanoryo here. L14, from Mingo Junction (near Steubenville). I help run the Ohio Valley Enlightened Collective.

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This is my feeble attempt at an +Ingress recruiting poster.  Imagery is obviously not where my talent lies.  #IngressRecruits

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Meant to share this publicly!


In order to combat the accelerated decay rates introduced by +Devra Bogdanovich's Portal Virus, agents belonging to #OVEC  and #SPAIRO  united in common cause to do their part to elevate the global combined Mind Unit scores.

OVEC members and Enlightened agents @AranenZen(+Matt Coontz),@OdieXN(+Bryan Mularcik),@Vyo(+James Johnson),@Twitch922(+Devan Weekley),@Princess777(+Carissa Weekley),@rekkanoryo(me),@Spade1031(+Daniel Baldauf), and @Eagle9956(+Kevin Giles) worked together to clear blocking links, farm keys, plan links, and get out to build the fields in two separate Enlightened operations designed to produce large, multilayered fields.  We’d like to give special mention to @Vyo for planning the first three phases of Operation Lost Island and both phases of Operation Tri-State Shuffle and @OdieXN for planning and executing the fourth and final phase of Operation Lost Island.

SPAIRO members and Resistance agents @Talin(+Kevin Cuichta),@Sairo(+Jennifer Cuichta),@Sann337(+Dawn McConaughy),@OPS042(+Daniel Kleeh),@MisterMeeseeks(+Matt DeStefano),@PirateNapino(+Nick Vundo), and @Onesimu5(+Chris Chappel) assisted OVEC agents by clearing additional links.  These agents also agreed to let Enlightened fields stand through the necessary checkpoint.  A special thanks to @Sann337 for providing Enlightened agent @OdieXN with Portal Keys for the fourth phase of the Lost Island operation.  These Resistance agents also went on to create their own multi-layered fields south and east of the fields created by OVEC members.

Enlightened agents @Vyo, @rekkanoryo, and @OdieXN initiated Operation Lost Island approximately 8:30 AM US EDT and proceeded to construct a 28-layered field from Martins Ferry, Ohio to Benwood, West Virginia to Bridgeport, Ohio and stretching westward through St. Clairsville, OH into Morristown, Ohio.  This field was originally intended to bury Wheeling Island in green.  The first three phases of Operation Lost Island involved agents @Vyo and @rekkanoryo using portals in Benwood, West Virginia and Martins Ferry, Ohio to build fields from three static anchor portals to portals along US Route 40 that @OdieXN captured in sequence.  At each new layer,@OdieXN linked back from the new westernmost portal to the previous portal to create two additional fields and another layer to maximize the MU count from this operation.  Once the static anchors reached 8 outgoing links,@OdieXN closed the final field and @Vyo and @rekkanoryo moved out to new anchors.  For phase 4,@OdieXN and @Eagle9956 linked new portals back to the static anchors from phase 3 to increase our MU counts.  Overall, Operation Lost Island produced roughly 130,000 MU’s for the Enlightened that stood through three checkpoints thanks to cooperation from the Resistance.

Enlightened agents @Princess777, @Twitch922, and @ALiveAngel7314 initiated Operation Tri-State Shuffle approximately 4:00 PM US EDT, after a false start and a new low-level Enlightened agent throwing blocking links that required the use of ADA Refactors to remove, and proceeded to construct a 11-layered field beginning in Martins Ferry, Ohio, stretching to Wellsburg, West Virginia, and eastward to the western edge of Washington, Pennsylvania.  These agents also constructed a single large field stretching from Martins Ferry Ohio to Washington, Pennsylvania to McMechen, West Virginia, covering all of Wheeling, West Virginia in a single layer of green.  The operation lasted approximately an hour, netting an estimated 260,000 MU’s.  Excellent work, agents!

In an effort to add MU’s to the score, agent @rekkanoryo created a single-layer field from Martins Ferry, Ohio to Mingo Junction, Ohio to Hopedale, Ohio for approximately 8,900 MUs.

Resistance agent @Onesimu5 single-handedly constructed 8 layers of fields over a large portion of southwestern Pennsylvania, approximately 39,000 MU each for an estimated total of 312,000 MUs.  The fields extended from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania to Hopwood, Pennsylvania to Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.  @Onesimu5 had intended to build an additional three layers in this area at this time, however, he decided to explore and submit 64 new portal suggestions instead.  These fields stood through at least 3 checkpoints, including the 6:00 PM EDT checkpoint at which the global MU score affected the virus deployment.  This agent went on to add an additional 3 layers at approximately 39,000 MU each to bring his total to 429,000 MU by the 11 PM EDT checkpoint.  Additionally,@Onesimu5 enlisted the cooperation of local Resistance agents in the Washington, Pennsylvania area to allow the Enlightened fields to stand through checkpoint.  Exceptional work, agent!

Resistance agent @kneeslapper constructed a field stretching from just south of Cambridge, Ohio to New Matamoras, Ohio to just outside Marietta, Ohio and additional fields stretching west and south of these areas.  These fields provided the groundwork upon which other agents built their multi-layered fields and came in at an approximate 27,000 MU.

Resistance agents @Talin, @Sairo, and @skwid(+Squid Cuichta) constructed a large multi-layered field from New Matamoras, Ohio to Cameron, West Virginia to just south of Cambridge, Ohio.  Four layers, approximately 22,000 MU each, yielded an approximate total of 88,000 MU.  These agents constructed additional fields in the area that brought their total to approximately 105,000 MU’s, but these fields were not in place in time for the 6:00 PM EDT checkpoint.  These fields did, however, stand for the 7:00 PM measurement and the 10:00 PM measurement at the San Diego #Helios  event.  Resistance agent @San337 filled in fields from Barnesville, Ohio to Cambridge, Ohio to Cameron, West Virginia and from Barnesville, Ohio to Cambridge, Ohio to Coshocton, Ohio.  @San337’s fields totaled 16,100 MU in time for the 6:00 PM checkpoint and an additional 3,000 MU for the 11:00 PM checkpoint..  Excellent work, agents!

Ultimately, OVEC agents contributed an approximate 400,000 Mind Units to the global score and SPAIRO agents contributed an approximate 470,000 Mind Units to the global score for the 6:00 PM checkpoint with an additional 55,000 MU from SPAIRO agents for the 11:00 PM checkpoint.  All fields mentioned here stood through the final #Helios San Diego measurement at approximately 10:00 PM EDT, but most of the Enlightened fields were brought down shortly after 10:15 PM EDT.  These estimates are intentionally conservative, as we do not know exact MU counts on all fields.

These operations were fun and challenging, and OVEC agents hope to be able to collaborate with local Resistance agents on similarly large-scale operations in the future.

#Ingress   #sitrep   #stopdevra  +Ingress
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Dear Chase, Citi, and other credit card companies,

If you're going to offer balance transfer checks, give me the option to opt-out of receiving them via your online account management junk. And make your CSR's capable of actually opting me out of receiving them. If you haven't noticed by now, I don't want the damn things.

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