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Jesse Arlaus

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Not just an #intellectual #Journey

I was blind I can now see
I was lame I can now walk


"All of us, like sheep, have gone astray."

"Each of us has turned to his on way.
But The Lord has laid upon Him the inequity of us all."

#Wonderful #Counselor"
Father Of Eternity

#Excruciating = from the Latin
"Out of the cross."
With my resurrection
#Confident #Faith a Great #Joy



Somehow i have to explain the EXPLOSION from
scared followers who run away
"Let's worship Him
Let's sing to Him
Let's Pray to Him"

"We would not be sitting here talking about this today."

#Disciple Of Jesus
I have Risen in the past and am willing to go to the ends of the earth proclaiming the gospel message and am willing to suffer and die for that.

#Transformed from a defeated coward to
#Boldly, #Fearlessly Proclaiming The Gospel
even to the point of death

Something happened?

i have died again and again

"Actually saw with their own eye's"

James was the 1/2 brother of Jesus and was not a believer, in Jesus's lifetime
"3 days later"

"It's up to somebody
(unfortunately not me in the recent passing of my son.)
What they do with that challenge."
Put Your #TRUST in Jesus

Over time #your #philosophy, your #attitude, #relationships,#parenting #worldview


I pray He does in my children's life,
what he has done in mine.

Jesus said, "The Truth Will Set You Free."
for Jesus is #TheTruth

1: Make it a front burner issue in your life.
2:Resolve to have an open mind.
3: Gather the evidence, you will reach a verdict in


Jesse (Hispanic translation) Isai / Isaias
The Father of King David

"Everything hinges on the resurrection."

#John 8:32
Evidence for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
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Jesse Arlaus

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Peek-a-boo sunrise

Yikes, has it really been a week since I last posted anything? That is quite depressing:) I really haven't been out much with my camera this summer and it still seems like it has flown by. I'm hopeful with school starting up that life will have a little more order and I'll be able to shoot more.

I hope you enjoy this Loudoun County, horse country sunrise. I love fields with the round hay bales and that's what drew my eye to this location. Happy Thursday!


#LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography curated by +Margaret Tompkins +Eric Drumm +Chandler L. Walker +Krzysztof Felczak +AJ Lim +Jeff Beddow +H Peter Ji +Jani Westman +Dorma Wiggin +Ranco Sevla Sevla
+HQSP Landscape curated curated by +Peter Marbaise +Hans-Juergen Werner +Shannan Crow +Mohamed Hakem +Albert Vuvu Konde and +Alexander Tarasenkov #hqsplandscape
#hqsphdr +HQSP HDR curated by +Peter Lipa and +Dave Gen
#BTPLandscapePro+BTP Landscape Pro . founded by +Rinus Bakker , owned by +Nancy Dempsey ,curated by +Nancy Dempsey

Member of +BestTopPhotographer, +Rinus Bakker, +BTP Daily Highlights the Best Photo, +BTP Editors' Choice (Top Photo page)

#Sunrise #rural #fence #field #haybale #clouds #f
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Jesse Arlaus

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I have been called

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Jesse Arlaus

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I DECLARE Breakthroughs are coming 
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Jesse Arlaus

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Robert “Robby” Thompson's profile photo
So simple. The Greatest Love Story Of All Time. The Bible is your guide to the Kingdom which awaits everyone.
Take the Leap and I will see you in Paradise.
Jesus is the only Way. Don't get left behind. You won't like it. So simple. Accept the Gift of Life and Your Life Will Change. Faith and Love Conquers Everything!
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Jesse Arlaus

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Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
all over - from ALASKA to Mazatlan.Sinaloa ,Mexico

Ok,On Dec16th 2001,I was in a Fatal Car accident. 
I Was Pronounced Dead on the scene Along With the Others in the Car. 
I By the way was Front seat Passenger.Only one wearing Seat Belt. It was on Hwy 80 in San Marcos Texas. Where I was Buying my home and living Comfortably, And had Been for the Past 5 yrs. I Have 6 biological Children & 1 step Son That i raised for 13 1/2 yrs Ok Well,The 3 Of us in the car Were Pronounced dead upon arrival of the Ambulance. The Accident was at 54 and 65 miles an hr We Were In a smaller car and a Drunk was in a Truck, Head on Driver to Driver THEY REVIVED ME!I WAS RUSHED TO BRACKENRIDGE Hospital in Austin Tx Where I Remained In Acoma On Life SupportUntil Feb 2nd..02 I Woke Up Not Knowing anything about me thinking i was approx 10 yrs old I Did not Know Who i was or anyone around me for that matter. did not know i had Chldren, Hah!I Thought i was a Child ;o) My Loved ones Where there But I did'nt know any of them! I Broke Everybone in my Face,Crushed My Laranax,And Could Not See! Therefore,I couldnt Talk to or See Who was There. As Time Passed, The Healing Proccess Was/Is Slow But Steady. I Came to Find Out,What i almost Left Behind "MY CHILDREN" Thats What Inspired Me to Get My Tattoo! HeavenKept Me here for them.

Jesse James Arlaus
"Stay Tuned" for much more of my story 
Bragging rights
I have 7 Kids & 3 Granddaughter's "so far" :o)))))))'s
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Blue October Tickets

Blue October Tickets | Buy and sell concert tickets on TicketsNow

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