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Word Trek brain puzzle game is an addictive word game that can keep your mi...

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Go Hawks!!!! #Seattle  vs #Panthers  

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Frog is amphibious and acaudal has prominent eyes and most of the of frogs have long legs and a strong background to enable them to jump long distances.

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Please follow us»»Beautiful World

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I would marry him a thousand times over. You are the most wonderful husband and man a girl could ask for, your character and integrity are top notch <3

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Glad I don't drink.
The World Health Organization says alcohol kills 2.5 million people a year ►  Many more millions are crippled by alcohol. 

The super-centenarians (people who live over 110) of Loma Linda do not drink at all their entire lives - proving that you don't need any wine-beer to live to 112, i.e. far longer than the average human who drinks. 

Alcohol disrupts the growth of new brain cells and lowers IQ  See also ► Human studies have found alcoholics to have a smaller brain size than moderate drinkers  Pregnant women who drink a little will have lower IQ kids and pregnant women who drink a lot will have mentally disabled kids   Alcohol can lead to breast cancer too ►

The anti-oxidants in wine are negligible - so there is no health benefit in drinking any amount.  The ORAC values show the amount of anti-oxidants (that neutralize free radicals) in food.  Most foods have 8-800  times more anti-oxidants per 100 g than white wine (ORAC value 392 at the bottom of the list) ►  

 1.2 million people die every year on Earth in car accidents.  In some countries about 70%  of fatally injured drivers have excess alcohol in their blood

Alcohol raises blood pressure and can trigger epilepsy, mental disorders, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis of the liver and various cancers. Alcohol weakens the immune system and impairs the brain even in rather small amounts.  It causes millions of fatal road traffic accidents, cases of domestic and workplace  violence, suicides.  

It's interesting that ending global hunger takes 30% of the 100 billion dollars Americans spend on alcohol.  Also, over 50 nations drink even more alcohol per capita than Americans according to the World Health Organization report ► summarized in wikipedia ►  

Russian males drink more alcohol than almost anyone.  Twenty-five percent of Russian men die before age 55, the average life expectancy for Russian men is age 64, not 79 as in Western Europe ►

 40% of violent crime is done by those under the influence of alcohol in the US ►  I hope that lovers of world peace and non-violence are aware of these numbers.

13% of humanity goes hungry and millions die of hunger every year, while a third of food is wasted ►  30 billion dollars could prevent this waste of food per some studies.  The money spent on alcohol could end hunger, cure a disease (instead of causing diseases), provide clean energy, help some other humanitarian cause.  That's why I abstained all my life from alcohol.  In over 100 nations, 7-40% of people abstained from alcohol all their life.   Compassion ♥ for humanity can help us to quickly shift these lifelong abstainers percentages in the 90s for all these 100+ nations. :)  Nikola Tesla (whose inventions are in every building with electricity) predicted one day we will live without eating or drinking liquids, using just cosmic energy ►  :)  I can't wait. :)  

One thing few know is that a lot of celebrities don't drink ► 
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Lies will destroy you. Lies will destroy others. Lies, once found out, will make everyone question everything you say. So don't tell them!


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This was the most disgusting rest stop. The bathrooms were closed so the portables were offered. No toilet paper in any of them, filled to the top with urine and feces and urine all over them. I'm grossed out too say the least!!! Happy Birthday to me:/
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