Event Report of the Kansai Open Forum (November 10, 2012).

The second day of the Kansai Open Forum .
In this day, we held a women's session and it was an unconference style. The participant was eight women and this speaker is four women. They told about their life and lifehack, community. Their speach are very cool. Participants had heard very interesting.

+Noriko Takiguchi told her life and way of working. She is one staff of GDG Kyoto and has a career which is longer than we anyone. After marriage, Japanese women have overwhelmingly much that they spend much many time on housework and child care, nursing care of parent. She also told about it. There may be the various time in the life and the experience of each time is a valuable thing. She stay positive for the experience of the life.

For housework and child care, there are many women quitting work once. When child care was over, the regular employment of the woman is very rare. in many cases of Japan, When women work having a child, social systems is still insufficient..

Ms.Horioka also told her life and way of working. She has some different careers, there are racer and designer, consultant. She was designer of freelance once. Now, she is the designer and a consultant at the office worker. And she talked about the difference of the work as freelance and the office worker about each merit and demerit. The story based on her experience was a very interesting thing.

+佐藤とも子 (Tomoko Satou) told about her lifehack. She is a designer and has been a lecturer of our study meeting about CSS3 of mobile. Her lifehack used the ink of the printer with a fountain pen. She bought a new printer once and old printers's ink remained. She tried whether she could use the ink with a fountain pen. The fountain pen used for the experiment was Lamy. In this experiment, aqueous ink may be to match a fountain pen. She really brought the fountain pen which she is using. Her story was a very amusing.

Last speaker is +Fumiko Kurano( manager of GDG Kyoto). She introduced events for women of GDG Kyoto which held before.

In Kansai Open Souce Forum, we were very exciting two days.

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