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Book a Maid - Portsmouth Domestic & Commercial Cleaners

Good Morning Portsmouth group,
This is just a short hello and would like to tell you about our new cleaning company Book A Maid we have been trading in the Portsmouth for around 6 months now and have currently grown to have our second employee. If you are looking for a domestic cleaner or even a commercial clean please give us a call on 02392 984 301 or visit

The Book A  Maid Team xx

+Book a Maid - Portsmouth Domestic & Commercial Cleaners 

Living on the coast is concidered the best place to live not only in the UK but around the world, with a constantly changing sea front and for us on the South Coast of England especially in the Portsmouth area we have our own beautiful micro climate somewhat similar to that of the Costa del la Sol.. MAYBE..
But with all the benefits of living on the seafront there are also a few disadvantages that we have found when cleaning houses in Portsmouth, Salt the main by product of the sea gets everywhere and with those winds that get up over the evening our windows that were once shiny and clean around 12 hours ago, have turned again to the salt  covered panels of your house.
So this is what we would recommend to you do:
1        Mix, in the spray bottle, a solution of 4 tbsp ammonia, 2 tbsp vinegar and 1 qt warm water.
2        Spray the solution onto the salt affected windows.
3        Wait a minute or so to allow the solution to break up any residue.
4        Wipe with rags, or squeegee the window until it is clean and dry.
5        Apply a film of Rain-X to prevent water from staying on the windows long enough to evaporate, leaving the salt behind. Also, if the salt does return, the Rain-X will make it far simpler to remove the next time.
Well that is our tip of the day and if you would like more infomation about our services for Porsmouth Domestic and House cleaning please call us on 02392 984 301

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We know you work hard so bookamaid is here to give you the time off you deserve, no more need to be cleaning when you can be relaxing with the family,spending time with loved ones ordoing the things you enjoy the most.

Book A Maid is now on Google + Looking forward to this next chapter in the foundation of the UK's #1 Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Company.
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