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Here is a link to our newest bankruptcy video. Enjoy!

Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Lawyers
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Alimony Arrears And Bankruptcy Laws In Pennsylvania

Sometimes it can be challenging to keep your head above water financially. It can be emotionally, psychologically and financially draining. One very important bill that needs to be maintained are alimony, also known as spousal support, payments. An inability to make court ordered alimony payments can result in serious legal and financial consequences. If your spousal support payments are in arrears you should consult with a Montgomery County Bankruptcy Law Office to discuss your options.

Causes Of Spousal Support And Alimony Arrears

There may be numerous reasons you may not be able to keep up with your spousal support payments. Examples are:

Job loss
Change in lifestyle
Being hospitalized
Suffering an illness
Suffering an injury
General financial turmoil
Payday loan debt
Car title loan debt

Spousal Support Can Be Consolidated In A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Being unable to maintain scheduled, court ordered spousal support payments can cause you substantial aggravation and grief. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and most states, spousal support arrears debt cannot be discharged by filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. One option you do have may be to consolidate spousal support arrears debt by filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. To learn more about the possibility of consolidating alimony debt call King Of Prussia Bankruptcy Attorney James V. Monaghan at (610) 275-5800 to discuss your options.
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Medical Bills Can Cause Bankruptcy

If you are facing heavy medical costs due to failing health, hospitalization or illness you do not have to go through this alone. Your illness or medical condition may impact your life on several levels other than just your health. You may not be able to keep your head above water financially due to the medical care costs associated with treating your illness or injury. While the situation may seem hopeless there is hope. You should call a Montgomery County Bankruptcy Lawyer to discuss any options you have regarding obtaining debt relief.

Causes Of Extreme Medical Care Costs And Debt

* Death of a spouse due to illness or accident
* Hospitalization
* Sudden illness
* Sudden injury
* Medical coverage lapse due to loss of job
* Insurance not covering necessary medical treatments and procedures
* Lack of proper medical insurance

Eliminating Medical Bills Through Bankruptcy

In many cases debt due to medical care and medical bills is dischargeable by filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is often a relatively quick and cost effective means of starting over financially. In other cases it may make sense to eradicate your medical bill debt by filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Different situations and goals dictate what option is best for you. 

To learn more about your options for discharging medical bill debt call Norristown Bankruptcy Attorney James V. Monaghan by dialing (610) 275-5800 to discuss your options.

You can also visit to arrange a free consultation.
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Common Causes Of Bankruptcy In Pennsylvania

It is never fun or pleasurable to be drowning in debt that you cannot repay. Financial strain is one one the most strenuous situations you will ever endure. Living with insurmountable debt is not always the result of poor financial decisions. Many times the need to file bankruptcy in order to obtain debt relief is caused by factors outside of our control such as:

Job loss
Being unable to work due to injury
Mortgage rate adjusting
Poor housing market
Credit card debt
Medical bill debt

If you are going through severe financial strain, and want to find relief, contact Norristown Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Lawyer James V. Monaghan. Dial (610) 275-5800 today. 

You can also arrange a free consultation by visiting
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