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Ballistic Ikon or Ikon for short was born in April 11, 1988 in Riverside, California. Ballistic Ikon never only had one home. His mother and father were separated. Ballistic Ikon came from his mother's home in Oakland, California to his father home in Riverside, California. When he was 8, Ballistic Ikon was a leader at heart. He played many sports and did many school activities, which included musical studies which allowed him to be musically inclined. Ballistic Ikon can play many instruments. Such as, woodwin to percussion, saxaphone, drums, panio, and clarinet. While in his junior year of high school, he had a major tragedy. Christopher M. Brulott which was Ballistic Ikon's older brother of 20 years old, was killed in a car accident. Ballistic Ikon was 17 years old at the time. Christopher and Ballistic Ikon were really close. His death impacted Ballistic Ikon to go in deep depression for a year. He did not go out or do any music. Ballistic Ikon started getting into trouble with the law and authorities which caused him to be a rebel. Ballistic Ikon became a rebel like all thugs. Ballistic Ikon was apprehended by the authorities at the age of 19 years old. He was sentenced to two years in a state penitentiary level 4, till the age of 21 years old. While incarcerated Ballistic Ikon found out that he could write music. He would host little battles that got himself known threw his two year sentence. While incarcerated everybody forgot about Ballistic Ikon even existed. He had to use his streets skills and book smarts to survive in prison. Once Ballistic Ikon was released, he moved to Orange County. In search of a new life and chasing his dreams. He met so many artist, producer's, and West Coast DJ's. While in Orange County, everybody was impressed by his skills and talent. Ballistic Ikon then became enturapuner, setting his own shows, managing himself, and selling his own tickets for show profits. Ballistic Ikon is a happy go lucky conversative male, that means everything he says and meets his goals in life. Ballistic Ikon believes hard work, partying hard, and showing attributes to others, so they can be successful is Key. If its one thing you can say about Ballistic Ikon is that he is No Quiter, no matter the circumstance an all out Go Getter.That appreciates his followers&friends LOvE Ones . Ballistic Ikon the artist with a heart of a Champion.