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Sean Froyd
I have thumbs of justice.
I have thumbs of justice.

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Yup.  Good ol' Microsoft.
Microsoft really wants you to upgrade to Windows 10 and it's recommended update that may auto download. Block it:

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In which I talk about the benefits of walking, and things to consider when setting up a walking regimen of your own. 

Get rid of those annoying foxes.

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Icy Sidewalks got you down?  Get rid of 'em!

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Got some dammed ice on your roof?  Get rid of it!

Wait.  What the shit is going on.  Why are all my friends posts from 2011 showing up here?

"The mouse that pooped in my cupboard is dead" is going to be the title of my non-existent upcoming collection of poetry.

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English Muffin Bread.  It was f'ing fantastic.
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I'm starting to think that academics take themselves far too seriously...and it's starting to disappoint me.
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