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Lovely, tiny electric motor!

Remember the good old neo balls? Those magnetic balls that can shaped into almost anything? Well you can you use it to create an eletric motor.
What you need is already observable:
A simple electronic motor, made with Buckyballs (magnetic spheres) and an insulated copper wire and a duracell battery. 

Check out the video at:
My Buckyballs motor.

#science #physics #gif #magnet   #neoballs   #battery   #physical  
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23 November is OUR day.
Don't expect Directioners to give it back, TAKE it back!
Sign the petition to get the Empire State Building Blue for OUR day!
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ssh session from gentoo kde to Nexus 7 cyanogenmod + gentoo-prefix
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It's not just J.K. Rowling he ripped off without attribution. In the same speech, Shah Rukh Khan also ripped off, without attribution, a writer from, William H. Cosby, Jr. (Bill Cosby), the founder of Honda, Thomas Henry Huxley, John Wooden and Eddie Rickenbacker . And you may yet find a few more!

The JK Rowling plagiarism was originally pointed out by Agratha Dinakaran in her blog

Starting with the assumption that "when there's smoke, there's fire", I looked a little closer. There were at least 6 other cases I found of using uncredited sources - or plagiarism, if you'd like to call it that.

It was apparently a speech about failure. Guess what, SRK - you failed big time here!

I sourced a transcript of SRK's talk here:

Here's the umm, source of Bollywood inspiration, in each case:


1. From SRK's talk:

Take Warren Buffet. Here’s a guy who must get asked five times a day how he became the most successful investor of his era. His answers — “Reinvest your profits,” “Limit what you borrow,” etc.—are no different from what any fool could tell you. Buffet isn’t being cagey. He simply doesn’t know. Success is a wonderful thing, but it tends not to be the sort of experience that we learn from. We enjoy it; perhaps we even deserve it. But we don’t acquire wisdom from it. 

1a. Actual uncredited source: Timothy Noah


2. From SRK's talk:

Let me tell you...poverty is not an ennobling experience at all. Poverty entails fear and stress and sometimes depression

2a. Actual uncredited source: J K Rowling of Harry Potter fame, speech at Harvard University


3. From SRK's talk:

the true road to success is not just the desire for success but a fear of failure. 

3a. Actual uncredited source: Bill Cosby the comedian


4. From SRK's talk:

There is a well- known story of a bank president who was asked the secret of his success. “Right decisions,” he replied. “How do you get to know how to make right decisions?” came the follow-up question. “Experience,” was the answer. “Well, how do you get experience?” asked his interrogator. “Wrong decisions,” he replied.

4a. Actual uncredited source: Soichiro Honda, of Honda Motor Co.


5. From SRK's talk:

life is a not just a check list of acquisitions, attainments and fulfillments. Your qualifications and c.v. don’t really matter. Jobs don’t matter. Instead life is difficult and complicated...and beyond anyone’s control and the humility to know that by respecting your failures will help you survive it’s vicissitudes.

5a. Actual uncredited source: JK Rowling again, same speech


6. From SRK's talk:

There is the greatest practical benefit in making a few failures in life. 

6a. Actual uncredited source: Thomas Huxley


7. From SRK's talk: 

Success is never final....just like failure is never fatal.

7a. Actual uncredited source: John Wooden


8. From SRK's talk:

Courage is doing what YOU are afraid to do. Personally scared to do in whichever capacity you work. There can be no courage unless you are scared. 

8a. Actual uncredited source: Eddie Rickenbacker


So what does all this say to me? First, SRK's own story doesn't need this hash of stolen paragraphs and sentences around it - it is effective in itself. Second, that SRK's speech was plagiarised right from the Yale version itself - and not just AIMA which was the repeat of the Yale performance. And third - the Bollywood formula works. Plagiarise some nice bits from a raft of overseas sources, put it together with a little of your own stuff. Then your audience: Indian management and Indian movie goers will lap it up and think you're a genius. 

Or will they, for much longer?  :)
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Now famous for its vitamin C content, which has been estimated to be 30 times that of lemons, camu camu is also a good source of other vital nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and a number of amino acids ~
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My Personal Declaration Of Financial Independence

Today I proudly and publicly declare my commitment to pursue my dream of financial independence and time freedom. Check this out to learn about how I'm doing it.
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The images of this Sun (Dec. 7, 2011) taken at almost the same time are shown in various wavelengths in various temperatures and layers of the Sun. In addition, we superimposed an illustration of the Sun's magnetic field lines to the view. We start off looking at the 6,000 degrees C. photosphere that shows the various sunspots on the "surface" of the Sun. Then we transition into the region between the chromosphere and the corona, at about 1 million degrees C. where, in extreme UV light, the active regions appear lighter. We phase in a composite of three different wavelengths showing temperatures up to 2 million degrees C. To top it off, we overlay a science-based estimation of the complex magnetic field lines (partly made visible in the first UV image) extending from and connecting the active regions before going back to the sunspot image. Who says the Sun is boring?

Caption: Solar Dynamics Observatory
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[ Share Please ] NSA makes Tor user Tracking more easy by adopting the following techniques:

# By running their own hostile Tor nodes
# Using zero-day vulnerability of Firefox browser
# By tracking user' browser Cookies

Read complete details and Prevention method:
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Pirâmide submersa com 60 metros de altura descoberta nos Açores

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