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Blended Learning Cookbook
Learn how to create a blended learning classroom
Learn how to create a blended learning classroom


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Host a Blended Learning BootCamp
We are looking for schools to host a Blended Learning Bootcamp this Spring and Summer.  By hosting the event, you could send up to 20 teachers for free.  

For this project, you will be creating a playlist using PowerMyLearning.  When you are finished, add the link to this community page.  

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Are you ready to start unit planning using data to drive your blended learning classroom?  If so, take a look at one of my favorite blended learning tools, PowerMyLearning.  This free program will help you to Differentiated Instruction  while students are working at their own pace, place, and path.  

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My Dream Blended Learning Classroom: 
While traveling to Las Vegas for the SITE15 conference, I stopped in a local diner and decided that I wanted to create my dream blended learning classroom after the layout of the space. 
Dream Blended Learning Classroom
Dream Blended Learning Classroom

Good Morning SITE Team, 
Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the group.  Where are you from?  What do you teach?  What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

For this project, you will be logging into Google Drive.  

Open up a new document
Click on Add Ons
Search for the Add On Gliffy

Design your classroom using the Gliffy tools.  (If you need help with this project, please see me and I will help you to create you classroom layout using the Google Add On Gliffy. 

Post a picture to the Blended Learning Community.  For the over achievers, create a video explaining your classroom layout and how you would use your space to create multiple learning environments within your classroom. 

To complete this section of the Top Ingredients to Blended Learning, you will need to explore one of the creation, collaboration, critical thinking, or creativity tools that are listed above.  Pick one that you have not heard of or used before.  In the blended learning community page, post the following information. 

What is the name of the tool that you explored?

Is the tool a Google App, Web Based App, or iPad App?

How would you use this tool in the blended learning classroom?

Take screenshot of your app and post it to the Community.  

Feel free to be creative.  If there is an app that you love or would like to share feel free to post it as well.  For those over achievers, create a video that shows the creativity tool in action and post the video to the community. 

To complete this section of the Top Ingredients of the blended learning classroom, visit this Google Community and complete the following project.  

What type of formative assessments do you currently use in your classroom? 

Working with a pattern, create a formative assessment using one of the above tools.  

Take a screenshot of you formative assessment that you created 

Post your picture, along with a description to the Google Community.
Feel free to be creative.  If there is a better tool that you would like use for formative assessment, feel free to post and share the tool you would use in your blended learning classroom. 

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Here is a great link for technology tools that focus in on the Bloom's Taxonomy 

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Take a look at the pictures below of a 3rd grade classroom that is using the station rotation blended learning model.  

What do you see?  
Where do you think this school is located?
What are the different stations?  
Where is the front of the classroom?
What don't you see?  
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