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On the whiteboard in one of our meeting rooms. I have no idea who the artist is.

The "send to" button at the top right of the in app browser of the Google+ app on my iPad no longer works. It used to let me open the web page I was viewing in my Chrome or Safari browser. Now it just changes colour to indicate it has registered the tap interaction but doesn't open the menu of browser choices. This severely limits the usefulness of the app to me.

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Yeah, I'd like my daughter to grow up in a better world too. 
A Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality - Please stand up and be counted. I want my girls to grow up in a better world.

Does anyone have any idea when we can expect the print version of the Cortex Plus Hackers Guide to come out? I backed the kickstarter back in Feb and long ago expected to see the print edition grace my doorstep.

(apologies if this has been asked and answered elsewhere, but I couldn't see anything in the last month or so of posts)

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Nice explanation of what is effectively copyright and patent law gone mad!

Apparently all driven by the "Americans" with everyone arrayed against them (although the scuttlebutt seems to be that we Aussie just agree with the US or at least aren't objecting very strongly.).

I hate this bullshit

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Speaking of PAX AUS. 

I saw this demo'd there this year and liked the look of it. A combo Action RPG and Deck builder made by an indie outfit out of Brisbane. I was impressed with what I saw and was waiting to hear from them. So this is good news.

Also one of the first official Australian Kickstarters.

They also have jumped on Greenlight on steam:

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This looks pretty cool. From the guys that did And Yet It Moves. I must admit it was the art style that attracted my attention

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First person take on the FTL style of game... yes please.

There's a 5 player pack - anyone interested?

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Voting advice from a straight shooting potty mouth for this Saturday's election

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I don't care I still want to see it :)
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