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David Schirduan
Nerd, Beach Bum, Storyteller, and "Professional" Game Designer
Nerd, Beach Bum, Storyteller, and "Professional" Game Designer
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My new website is complete!

- Cleaner layout
- Mobile support
- Faster and easier to navigate

Let me know if you see anything wrong with it.

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Whew, got my website load under 2 seconds! I also re-added all of my old blog posts. Feels good to have a nice, clean site.

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+Brie Sheldon and I talk about Clink! Learn about how the game plays, GM tools, and what I'm most excited about. Thanks again for having me Brie!
Five or So Questions with David Schirduan on Clink
Hey there, friends! I have an interview with David Schirduan on Clink , a coin-based RPG on Kickstarter right now ! I hope you'll check out what David has to say. -- Tell me a little about Clink. What excites you about it? The official pitch: "Clink is a co...

After listening to the newest Gauntlet Podcast, I realized I forgot to do something important.

Thank you for making this year's 200WordRPG Challenge incredible.

Thank you for all of the community support, the discussions, spreading the word, and encouraging people to participate.

Thank you, patreon supporters, for providing the COOLEST prize to this year's winners. Thank you also for supporting the Codex and the entries that will be contained within.

And finally, thank you +Jason Cordova and +Kate Bullock for being such incredible organizers and and community leaders. I know it takes an army to run this group, but Kate and Jason have been especially helpful and encouraging for the 200 Word Challenge.

So, once again, thanks to everyone who participated, shared, enjoyed, and helped out the 200 Word Challenge. I am humbled and overjoyed by your support.

Can't wait to see what next year brings!

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The Clink Kickstarter is about halfway there! Be sure to jump in and make this awesome game happen.
I was reminded about Clink on the newest episode of The Gauntlet Podcast because +David Schirduan mentioned it during our interview segment. Having checked out the KS, I really like what I have seen so far! I'm a big fan of what we here at the Gauntlet call "emergent story," meaning rather than come to the table with a bunch of backstory and setting ideas, you instead discover all that stuff in the middle of play via scenes that get triggered by specific mechanics. I think that leads to much more satisfying play, and the coin-flipping system here seems both simple and deep, and really, really fresh.

Other highlights for me: the book is being laid out by +Evan Rowland and the illustrations are by +Per Folmer (whose work has appeared in several issues of Codex). Sigil Stone (+Ben Dutter's imprint) is handling publishing duties.

All in all, a great looking package with two easy pledge levels: $10 PDF or $20 softcover. 

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Awesome collection of interviews from the winners of the #200WordRPG Challenge!

I'm even in it, and ramble about stuff. 
We have a fantastic Gauntlet Podcast for you this week. Episode 104 is all about the 200 Word RPG Challenge. I sit down with +David Schirduan, one of the contest organizers, and two of this year's winners, +Grant Howitt and +Andy Millar, to discuss the contest itself, working within the 200 word constraint, the winning entries, upcoming projects they are each working on, and more!

You can learn more about the 200 Word RPG Challenge here:


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Mobile Phone Owners, I need your help!

Could you take a minute and pull up my new website, tell me how it looks? I don't own a smartphone, and some of the online "test your website" apps are crap.

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Clink is a 1/3 of the way there!

I've added some simple character sheets and a rules reference in case you want to try out the game before backing.

Every Drifter has a built-in timer; eventually their dark memories will overwhelm them and bring the game to a close. In my experience Clink games last 2-3 sessions, which is how I prefer to run my games.

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My little 200 Word RPG twitter bot has been running for almost 2 weeks and hasn't exploded!

If you want more games in your life, this twitter posts a random #200WordRPG every single day!

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Any graphic design nerds want to talk shop? I'm working on a new website and I would love to throw ideas around.

Here's what I've got so far:


This theme was meant to work with dark, text-less photographs; but most of my games and images have text on them. Any ideas to make things more readable?

Are the animations annoying?

Do the link/images take up too much space?

Compare this with my current website :
Which is the better way to showcase games and game artwork?
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