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There's nothing the excitement & anticipation of a big live show. Hope everyone going to Metallica has fun.

Shocking, since this is why he was kicked out of Queens of the Stone Age seven years ago.

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How this reporter spent her evening at night court.

 I got my first job as a reporter 18 years ago, but my assignment tonight is a first for me.

Moncton gets U2, Halifax gets Metallica, Sydney is getting Elton John (announcement coming Monday). Out of the three shows, I'd actually rather see Elton, at least for the spectacle.

I have such great instincts I think I could find secondary work as a psychic. My decision-making skills have been at their height the past week.

Yeah, +Jay McNeil the Snookie line killed me too.

I need to watch True Blood before I get accidentally spoiled.

I am watching the Bachelorette. Don't judge me.
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