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People, its not that serious. You are not the center of the universe. Chill
People, its not that serious. You are not the center of the universe. Chill


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My Grandfather did not lose an eye and a finger in Europe killing Nazis for us to "come together."

The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi.

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This was sent to me in a private message by a long time friend on Facebook,
one of the few that I have actually met face to face...

I do not know the original author, and I am re-sharing it without the permission of that author. But I feel it is important information that needs to be seen.


Important info about how DANGEROUS these alt right assholes are..

FYI-copied from a friend of a friend:

" My nephew was working as a first responder for the Charlottesville fire department both Friday and Saturday. They encountered no problems with access where needed. Everyone gave way for their vehicles.

What scared this ex Navy Seal turned fireman was the 1500 odd untrained civilian uniformed militia men armed to the teeth with assault rifles,handguns, bullet proof vests, and make shift weaponry of all kinds.

Please keep in mind that a permit was issued only after ACLU took the issue to court. The permit was issued for a rally whose numbers were supposed to be about 400 participants.

The actual crowd size turned out to be around 7,000, among whom were 1500 armed uniformed militiamen as well as about another 1000 armed out of uniformed civilians. Almost all of these people were not local and unknown to the local police.

Virginia's police departments are not militarized. Virginia has a total of about 1200 troopers and special agents to cover 42,774 square miles. They sent every trooper available to assist Charlottesville small city police force. Only the Governor of Virginia and the President of the United States can call out the Virginia National Guard. Upon the mayor of Charlottesville request, the Governor called out the nearest armories troops to assist.

***No one expected a crowd that large and certainly not one in which many of its members were armed.*****

Two of my cousins who are officers on the Charlottesville police force reported that the alt right moved their armed militia with military precision and concentrated effort. My cousins believe that Charlottesville was in fact a military maneuver and exercise to test their ability to overwhelm a small city with limited resources.

My cousins believe that this exercise was a precursor to a larger planned future exercise. My cousins believe the neo Confererates, while annoying in their own right and from their standpoint legally opposing the removal of Confederate statues, were a cover for a military exercise by the alt right militia.

Look for a maneuver such as this to take place soon in a city larger than Charlottesville. The population of the City to be 45,593. Of that population the University of Virginia's student body of 22,000 and a faculty of more than 2,100 are included. I know Charlottesville very well. It was less than an hour from my home for the first 33 years of my life. I took trips there often to visit relatives or attend concerts and other events at the University. Most of the time its a sleepy small college town.

**The tragedy was fully the responsibility of the alt right. It was the alt right who targeted and over whelmed a vulnerable small city and fully intended to demonstrate to themselves and others that they could. This could happen to Madison,or any other small town or city. The alt right is putting you on notice that they are a force to be reckoned with."*

I would love to create a meme series or article series or both highlighting reich wing it "shame a nazi"

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End of fossil fuel dependency is close at hand

We see patterns where there are none and call it divine.

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Interesting read. Are we listening to issues and concerns to reach a consensus or listening to find a way to attack?

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