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Sam aha
I'm still smelling the upsexy at School.
I'm still smelling the upsexy at School.

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Do you remember my username for JabberSpot?
Yay! Minecraft 13w06a was released! 

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Check out my blog...

Who'ss online?

Going to watch La Galaxy vs FC Dallas!! C'mon LA GALAXY!!

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Everybody watch Falling!! It's so funny!!! :D

Hi Guys, I'm holding a competition. Whoever posts the best photo wins a prize!! :D


Photo must be square
Photo must be quite big
Photo must NOT be blurred
Photo must say somewhere 'THE END OF THE BEGINNING!'
Photo MUST look sleek


A shoutout

If the photo is fantastic, there may be an even better prize

I will start posting more again (your choice)

About the post:

The post must include a name for your photo
It must be addressed to +Fernando Gomez
It must be marked #FernandoPhotoCompetition

+1 if your online!

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Please visit! It's mine and my friends new site! Please create an account, we're currently under construction!

+Teh Epik Duk R U DERE?
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