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Kyle Parker
Salesman, Father, Husband, Technophile.
Salesman, Father, Husband, Technophile.

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Very cool

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Guess posting and tagging pictures to Facebook may haunt your kid's future.  If you're posting and/or tagging your kids photos to Facebook, just be known it can and likely will be used for a national "facebook" database for law enforcement.

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Making a career change

After first starting in this industry in 1996 as a manufacturer’s representative in the family business for makers of security products, I am making a big career change today starting as a Regional Sales Director for Arecont Vision. 

While this change may be a surprise to a lot of people (Why on earth would he leave the family business?), after starting 17 years ago in this industry, I felt the time was right for me to seek new challenges and overcome new obstacles as I map out my longer term future in this industry.

You may certainly be asking, what happens to the firm, Keith Parker & Associates, Inc.?  I believe the change will be positive for all.  My dad is president of the company and has reinserted his management of the firm.  (As a lesson for us all, he looks and acts ten year younger – he really does.)  He also understands and is supportive of my decision.  There is a great 10+ member team of very strong people at KPA, and a new reorganization has further cemented the strength of this team.  Customers and vendor partners should expect the same level of service, expertise, and support as they have in the past.  

Moving on to Arecont, my new role will require me to travel an expanded territory of:  Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri.  I could not be more excited for the challenge and opportunity to work with a great team of people and cutting edge IP megapixel products.

How to stay in touch with me?  (if you want to.)

My Arecont email, which should soon be active, is: My mobile number is: 847.687.9078.  I also encourage you to follow me on the following social media, where I’ll be posting items on Arecont; where my travels take me; and very likely things I’ve personally discovered on the web and want to share, as this page you're viewing is my personal website:

Or here on my Google Plus page.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.
I look forward to seeing you in my new role.

Best regards,

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This news story is about a parent's worse nightmare.....
It does however help explain how Arecont's innovative technology overcomes challenges of common, older video surveillance systems, and Arecont's product can help save lives.  Based on this, and other horrific events like the Boston Bombings, cities cannot afford NOT to have the best video system possible.  Watch the video.

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"Having four sensors means the resolution is optimized across the entire image. With a single-sensor camera, you’d typically use a fish-eye lens which would have less resolve as you move toward the edge … in our case you have 10 megapixel [resolution] throughout the entire range." - Raul Calderon, SVP, Arecont Vision

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In my town it was miserably cloudy and rainy so I missed the whole meteor show.   This helps make up for it.  Amazing photos!
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