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Tin Tin wants to manage my priorities. Today, it's "Pay attention to me!". I think he wants to be my new assistant. Either way, he's in charge and I do as I'm told. Why is it that being the "man of the house" means everyone else is the boss?

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Broadcasting live at right now. Join us. Topic? Being social with social media.

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Have you ever worried about your credit card being stolen online? Are you nervous shopping online during the holiday season? FOX NEWS interviewed our CEO, Jerry Hobby, about all of this and the video of that story has been airing on FOX NEWS broadcasts. Another wonderful example of touch points. Please spread the work for me on your facebook, google plus, and linkedin pages.

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Getting Social with the Social Web – Going Beyond Ad-Slinging

I have interviewed a lot of social web “experts” lately just to see who really knows their stuff and who doesn’t. I can tell you straight up, I am not impressed. It seems that if a social web site is used for business marketing, then the assumption is that you should promote your business by either talking about your business or sharing a few facts about why people need your business. As an illustration, perhaps someone who sells cars might make routine posts about the deals he has on cars, and possibly additional posts about how nice it is to drive a newer car. Nothing is wrong with this as it is. The issue is that if you walked around in life saying exactly those things to people you meet, you would quickly discover how few friends you have.

The proper strategy for social web marketing is to create yourself as a friend to your followers. People like you when they see your personality. People like you when you make some level of personal connection. When people like you, they take more of an interest in you. You develop more loyalty and more credibility because you have established a reputation. You are human, and not just an ad-slinger.

I recently placed an order with someone I met on Facebook. He wasn’t promoting his products at all. He made a really funny comment and I clicked on his profile to “check him out”. That’s when I discovered what he did and I ventured onto his website and placed an order for several hundred dollars. We exchanged a few fun comments on Facebook, but the entire transaction was a product of him revealing his personality and then having a well branded product and website.

I recommend you take a new approach to your social web campaign. Instead of thinking about how to generate sales, start thinking about how to create discussions. Post funny facts, ask questions of general appeal, discuss interesting things that people may enjoy commenting on or even sharing with others. If you can generate conversation from people, you are succeeding. Judge for yourself. What posts are people replying to? If you can cause people to comment on your post, you’ve succeeded. Do this enough times, and you will soon discover you are a credible and well respected person in their world.

If no one is discussing your Facebook or twitter posts, then maybe you are just not that interesting to your readers. Let’s fix that. Call Anything Internet for a free consultation today.

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Business Strategies for Facebook

Last week we explored the risks and inevitability of Facebook. This week we are going to delve into the strategies for positioning your business to get the most out of Facebook.

It is quite common for companies to start bombarding social networks with ads or other tidbits of information that’s not very interesting to the readers. Readers will begin to ignore you and the campaign can easily backfire. To be successful, it is imperative that your comments on Facebook are interesting to your reader.

The new paradigm is that readers want to choose what ads they see. If readers like you and your company, they will accept your messages. If they don’t know who you are, they may block you. Think of it the same way you would meet people at a party. If you are pushing too hard, people will avoid you.

Your campaign needs to fit your business. Here are a few ways to use Facebook.

Announcements – Share your updates with your clients. Tell them about new staff, new services, and maybe a couple vacation photos. If you share with your clients, they will feel more connected to you.

Events – Invite people to open houses, product launches, or training.

Tips – Share occasional tips on how to do things. Show you care.

Success Stories – Have great testimonials or success stories. Publicly share those and acknowledge the people that took the time to share these with you.

Q&A Support – While there is a limit to what you may wish to do inside Facebook, it is a wonderful place to answer quick questions and to help clients. Using Facebook’s groups feature allows a more interactive place to support clients.

Do you need to create a social community? Or do you need to participate in existing social communities? How will you establish your reputation and credibility in these communities?

Contact me today and find out how to position your company for long term success.

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Can you live without Facebook?

Facebook is in the process of going public. This is an interesting twist as Mark Zuckerberg has stated he never wanted to go public because he doesn’t want to report information to the SEC, etc. The predictable future is that Mark will retire and Facebook will become a corporate entity that goes in “some” new directions.

We have already seen Facebook get into trouble for privacy violations. We’ve also seen them change their privacy models numerous time. They are posturing so that they can use data to their best benefit while protecting you as much as they are required to. They are looking for that balance and we can expect more changes to come.

I read an article last week about a company that has banned email. The CEO feels that social web tools are more efficient and wants every employee using social web sites instead of email. I disagree with this conclusion. But more importantly, it shows us how powerful social tools have become.

Another interesting consideration is that Facebook is being used for photo storage and video storage more than ever. Families are using Facebook as a way to keep up with each other and even play games together. If you want to see pictures of grandkids, you’ll be viewing them on Facebook. No more photo albums.

Everything is moving onto Facebook, or other social websites. It is to the point now that Facebook is essential to communicating with family, friends, and possibly even your job. Facebook is available on computers, of course, but also on cell phones and even on many newer televisions.

If you consider that Facebook, and similar sites, are more accessible to more people, even without computers, then you can see how important it is to develop a strong presence for your company on these social web sites. Facebook is not optional anymore. It’s not optional for businesses and it is not optional for individuals anymore either.

Focus your marketing on Facebook and reach more people than ever. Anything Internet will put you where you need to be. Call us today.
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