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Learn a little tech, in little time.
Learn a little tech, in little time.

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Here we go's #TechTipTuesday

Learn how to create a Parent Contact form that notifies you when someone (a parent) submits to it.


You can now embed videos from Google Drive into Google Slides. So, if your students don't have access to YouTube or if you/they don't feel comfortable uploading to YouTube, Google Drive videos work just as well.

Plus, you can alter the start/stop time of the video, mute the audio, and have the video autoplay. Just right-click on the video and selecting 'Video options...'

Here is an excellent blog post from +Matt Bergman -

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This #TechTipTuesday features an easy way to remove the background of an image (make it transparent) using

What time is? It's time for lunch. I mean...It's #TechTipTuesday (too much Bubble Guppies)

This week we will feature methods of using QR Codes.

1) Get students directly to web content (images, articles, gDoc, ...).
2) Provide directions at stations.
3) Provide shortcuts or answers on a worksheet (students no longer have to look up the odd answers in the back of the book).
4) Showcase student work (parent night, conferences, ...).
5) Email - Create an email QR code with the recipient (you) email address and message already created.
6) Create remediation pamphlets (collections of QR codes on specific topics).
7) Get people on your wifi without giving up the password (this is more for personal use).
8) Send Bitcoin

How do I create a QR code (these are my favs)?

How do I scan QR codes?
1) Android -
2) iOS -
3) Chromebook -

Additional Resources
1) Templates -
2) Create QR Codes in gSheets -

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It's #TechTipTuesday again!!!!

If you are running a webpage that is playing audio (Pandora, YouTube, Homestar Runner, …) you’ve probably notice the speaker in the tab. This shows which tab the audio is coming from. Go to the site chrome://flags (copy/paste) and search for ‘Tab audio muting UI control’. Once enabled, you can click on the speaker in the tab and mute the audio on that page. It will require you to restart the browser for the setting to take effect.


What time is it? -

This #TechTipTuesday will feature a variety of timers to help manage the classroom.

1) Timer Extension for Chrome -
- No nonsense timer that runs in the background. You can preset specific times based on your needs.
2) Egg Timer -
- Create timers and link them in your notes so they are ready to go when you need them.
3) Pomodoro Timer -
- Set timers and alarms that run back-to-back. Great for when students are working in stations and need to start/stop an activity and move on to something else.

This #TechTipTuesday will feature Recap ( Recap is a tool to gather feedback and responses through video. You can create classes and set time limits on video submissions. Works on the web, Android, and iOS.

What is your favorite teacher tool? Login as a student at and use join pin ebwsyeu to submit your response (15 sec)


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And we're back!!!! I hope everyone had a radical break!!!

This week's #TechTipTuesday will feature Seesaw.

Seesaw is a student-driven portfolio/multimedia journal. Students capture learning with photos and videos of their work, or by adding digital creations (drawings and notes). Everything gets organized in one place and is accessible to teachers from any device.

Use Seesaw for feedback, reflections, book reviews, collaboration, ...

How have you used Seesaw in your classroom?

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Do You want to Build a Snowman?

This winter Tech Tip Tuesday takes you to the Ice Castle where Teachers and Students can incorporate writing while building a snowman in Google Slides.

Check out +Eric Curts free template at 

This #TechTipTuesday will showcase the PhotoScan app by Google.

If you have old photos or student work and want a digital copy use PhotoScan. My favorite feature is the 'Adjust corners' tool.


Don't forget to track Santa this year:
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