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Jason Jefferson
I am the awesomest!
I am the awesomest!

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"Why do you always pick on me?"
Maybe it's because you're always talking and need to learn when to shut yer trap.

"Pokemon are the rarest animals on the planet. Well, if they were alive, they would be one of the most rarest things."-A friend of one of my 1st hour students.

I'm trying to nicely and politely tell my kids that I don't really give a rip that they (1) don't want to read, (2) want to listen to music, (3) are asking someone a question, (4) are answering someone's question, (5) don't see these people after school to talk to them then, or (6) are bored by reading. But how do I do that politely?

I might have just led my class in singing "Trouble." I'm surprisingly not too ashamed of this.

I usually stay calm and patient when dealing with children. But today I reached my BS threshold. I may or may not have thrown a student through the window.

Today I'm reminded of what is possibly my favorite mewithoutYou song, "C-Minor." So I post the lyrics for you today, though no one will read it.

Our house wrapped in disrepair
As a small mouse peeped out from a hole beneath the stairs
Nearby where my dad sat in his favorite chair
Thinking 'bout the government and muttering a prayer
I scattered some oats in hopes she'd stay
Then I sat still to stop from scaring her away
But she hurried on her little way
And scurried round my mind ever since everyday

Open wide my door, my Lord, my Lord
(Open wide my door) To whatever makes me love You more
(Open wide my door) While there's still light to run toward
(Open wide my door)

Like water on the dry wood
Equal parts misguided and misunderstood
All the neighborhood watched the fire burn from where they stood
As the smoke said "We're not half as bad as God is good"
There's a whisper in my ear
The voice of loneliness and fear
And I say, "Devil disappear!
I'm still technically a virgin after 27 years
Which never bothered me before
What's maybe 50 more?"

Open wide my door, my Lord, my Lord
(Open wide my door) To whatever makes me love You more
(Open wide my door) While there's still light to run toward
(Open wide my door)

She came back for the oats, but she brought along a friend
(It never ends, it never ends)
The harder the rain, the lower the flowers in the garden bend
(It never ends, it never ends)
I'd rather never talk again than to continue to pretend it never ends
(It never ends, it never ends)

"I can still see the butchered women and children lying heaped and scattered all along the crooked gulch.... And I can see that something else died there in the bloody mud and was buried in the blizzard. A people's dream died there. It was a beautiful dream." +Five Iron Frenzy  #woundedkneemassacre  

I know God made work a good thing and I am very grateful for my job... but I will so happy when I'm done with this class tomorrow.

Not that it matters if I do brag on Google plus. I feel like I could come out of the closet on here and nobody would be the wiser.

Not to brag, but I just survived my first week ever of having subbed for 5 full days. Booyah!
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