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Last week Filipe Coelho of Distrho project released 6 new ports of free softsynths and audio effects. The synths are loosely based on Yamaha DX7, Oberheim OB-X, and Roland TB-303. There are two new reverbs and a pitched delay effect as well. All plugins are in LV2 and native Linux VST formats. Source code is mostly (or even in all of the cases) GPLv3+, if you absolutely need to know that :)

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A guide to understanding us engineers.

[edit: I forgot to add an important one:
Working as intended = Reality is wrong, and has to be fixed to match the output of the code]

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Here's what I'm thinking.
We have 1700+ subscribers in Synfig's google page. That's a lot. Imagine if we would get just a two dollars from each subscriber - that would be enough to cover the cost of Synfig development for 3 months. In this case we could get our full time working on Synfig FOR A WHOLE SUMMER. For just a two dollars.

How much could be done for 3 months? It's easy to estimate - let's get a look back. Here's a list of features implemented for the last three months by our hired developer Ivan Mahonin:

* Bone multilink feature - Development: Bones (part 7)
* Basic rendering engine optimization -
* Bone-driven image distortion - Bone-driven Image Distortion (part 2)
* Established the foundation for OpenGL-optimized rendering -

All the work above was paid by community members through our previous fundraising campaigns and I guess, that pretty much gives the picture about the impact.

So, two dollars for a summer development!

For many of us, two dollars is not an amount that matters. But being multiplied by every community member it can make a difference.

Do my assumptions about the amount of people around sound like pointless? We can find it out!
As part of our current fundraising campaign I am proposing to launch a "Two-Dollar Sprint". I invite our community members to join the sprint by donating two dollars to Synfig fundraising campaign here:

Of course, Synfig is free software. And free software is free. No one is obligated to pay for free software and that's what makes our sprint fun.

Let's see if we have the power of the crowd!
Join the "Two-dollar sprint"!

Konstantin Dmitriev

P.S. I would love to hear your opinions in the comments (please comment at original post). ^__^

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Another talk from +Libre Graphics Meeting 2014: Artem Popov presents the work by +Commons Machinery team on preserving metadata about authorship in collaborative works of art.

GIMP is among applications they've been testing the concept on (the rest being +Inkscape, +Mozilla Firefox, +LibreOffice). We've been communicating with Commons Machinery since last summer/autumn, and we are looking forward to a complete implementation.

Find out more about the project on its website,, or in an earlier posted article,

Here are PDF slides for the talk:

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Every elevator you have ever used has redundant safety mechanisms.  Your car has both seat belts and air bags.  Your friendly cashier will double bag your groceries if you ask.  And I bet you've tied your shoes with a double knot before.

Your servers have redundant power supplies, and redundant hard drives.  You probably have two monitors.  You're might be carrying a laptop, a tablet, and a smart phone.

Moreover, important services on the Internet are often highly available, redundant, fault tolerant or distributed by design.

But the underpinnings of the privacy and integrity of the very Internet itself, is usually protected only once, with transport layer encryption of the traffic in motion.


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Задачка с переносом и сохранением метаданных об авторстве в составные творческие работы понемногу обрастает годными решениями: уж об этом проект Commons Machinery позаботился.

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Arduinomes finally upgraded. Birch actually provides nice enclosure material and the whole construction now feels very solid and looks damn good. Specs:

Enclosure: birch
Faceplate: anodized aluminum
Buttons: sparkfun + bibo's 8x8 pcb
Logic: starfire + um232r
LEDs: Kingbright (#934, IIRC)

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Great video about audio. But I won't recommend recording stuff at lower bit depths to anyone.
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