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G+ united the best and brightest NY Street Shooters.
G+ united the best and brightest NY Street Shooters.

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This shot was taken around 5:00 PM. From the small bridge at the south end of Central Park, in New York City.

The Story
I adore this time of the year in New York. You become a willing participant to the transformative effects of the holiday season. The natives, tourists, visitors and even NYC traffic officers are in a heightened state of euphoria.

The City is bathed in gold. Red. And Green. Along with a frosty nip that demands a balmy brew of holiday coffee.

Many of us are still merry from Thanksgiving. While others are making plans for Christmas and New Years — to be close with friends, family and lovers. As we wrap-up business for the year and gifts, be ever-present and thankful.

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Central Park is a wonderful location to recharge. The Park allows you to step way — momentarily — from the intensity. And enjoy a moment of Zen-like peace. I know as a native — I cherish those quiet moments in Central Park. You should as well.

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we are going to do a CLICK event (not planning on the drinking part) over by the flatiron building this sunday. well get there a bit before sunset so we can shoot both daylight and sunset. all are welcome from pros to amateurs. as long as you have a camera (even on your phone). invite your friends and we will see you on sunday.

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We are heading north east for the launch of Drink and Click™ NYC.Three members of Drink and Click™ Austin, Texas and myself are flying to New York City for a four day visit. Since we are there for a few days, we want to help launch Drink and Click™ NYC which is lead by +Seth Meyerowitz. We will try to give it a Southern touch but you have to show us the ropes in that massive city.

JUST FOR THE LAUNCH We have a few giveaways from +SmugMug and Black Rapid, so join us for and circle +SmugMug. Black Rapid you need a page in Google+ ASAP.

We are meeting here: 
Washington Square Park, 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York, NY 10012
Chapter Launch

After taking a few pictures at Washington Square Park we will walk to a bar close by to enjoy some refreshments. We are looking forward to a night in New York City and really hope you join us.

Do you want to know more about Drink and Click™?
Please visit 

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I was mentioned by +Murray Robertson to a beautiful image posted by +J.J. Bentley the reference to #anotherdayanother600seconds  was first made there to me for the first time. At J.J.'s suggestion, here I am. Wow. Im blown away as this genre keeps bubbling up to the surface of my life. Here is an excerpt of what I shared:

Hi everyone. Im a New Yorker, born in the Fordham Road section of the Bronx, I have literally seen people become homeless. They dont just become it overnight. The slowly fade out of your periphery. Then when you finally see them, they are transformed. They are shells of the people they once were. Maybe I saw it happen. I just didn't know the signs. 

The circumstances are endless: Abuse at home, Drugs-sometimes not the homeless person but their caregiver, inability to transition after serving in war, the reasons are personal and variable.

I was blessed to work in the East Village a decade ago serving the HIV and Hepatitis community-I was the Program Manager of both programs at the now defunct Cabrini Medical Center. While most of my clients were regular joes like you and I, there was a large number of active drug using and drug seeking patients. The became my friends and family. I spent enough time to have the feeling that every homeless person, every drug addict in the street comes from a people. Does that statement make sense.

+Murray Robertson and I connected here on G+ based on this subject and another image I posted that I may share in the future here if you will have it. Thank you for this.

This gentlemen below maybe the first image I ever took of a homeless person, just a few years ago. He asked my for change. I asked if he'd mind if I took his image. He was taken aback and asked me why. I told him that he reminds me of a wise elder. He stared at me with a big smile. We spoke for a bit and I took this image just before I left him. The reason this shot kills me is that, for the life of me, I cant remember his name. Im haunted by the lack of recall. 

Thank you +Mike Shaw and +Alan Shapiro for this theme. +Alan Shapiro, a mutual friend has mentioned you are a wild and crazy guy, in a good way. You sound like my kind of peoples. 

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It's time to start dialogue for our next Photowalk. I'll be honest, I was really bummed out that I had to cancel April's walk. I dont have alot of spare time to meet with my homies and shoot. These events are a big deal for me. Im back and I want to start the juices flowing. Im away shooting a wedding in the caribbean, so I wanted to ask for ideas for the end of month or early June. Some of the crew have posted some awesome Urbex shots from outside of NYC. Im really intrigued with a walk that can include some of these historical places that have gone to waste.

What do you guys think? Miss you guys something terrible.

+Dave Ortiz

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If you live in the #NYC area and like theater,
check out this site.
It's #Free .
Members get last minute ticket offers so they can fill the seats in the theaters. They send out e-mails usually the day of, or sometimes a few days before.
There are other events as well.
I'm posting this because I just got a ticket offer e-mail and I think more people should know about this site, especially students in New York City.
Pass it along!

The Will-Call Club
"All registered members of become part of our Will Call Club. Members receive invitations and offers for discounted tickets to many shows, including Broadway , off-Broadway, music, dance and additional events ($5.00 per ticket reservation charge applies)."

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