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Penguin Foundation
Established to protect the little penguins of Phillip Island, Australia.
Established to protect the little penguins of Phillip Island, Australia.

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This penguin candidate needs your vote! Help us win $500K in the #GoogleImpactChallenge to make faster and safer oiled wildlife cleaning tech available for use throughout the world. Vote here > Time taken to vote = 0:10 seconds. #Vote1OilSpillWand   #YesWeCan

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Have you ever seen a little #penguin blow bubbles? Watch this > Adorable action at 0:40 seconds!

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9/10 penguins agree the Oil Spill Wand is the best oiled wildlife cleaning technology since sliced sardines.*

Your vote can help us win $500k from #Google to make it a reality. Vote now! > #vote1oilspillwand #GoogleImpactChallenge  

*The 10th penguin was out fishing and couldn’t complete our survey.

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An oil spill wand can defeat the dark forces of the universe! Your vote can help us win $500k in the #GoogleImpactChallenge to make the oil spill wand a reality. It's new magnetic particle technology that will revolutionise the way oiled wildlife is cleaned - dramatically improving their survival. Vote here! > #vote1oilspillwand #LukeSkywaddle 

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10 Google Impact Challenge Finalists announced today | $2 million in grants for non-profits It's time to vote for your favourite ideas at

Today, we’re sharing the 10 Google Impact Challenge finalists and asking for you to vote for which non-profit should receive a $500,000 grant to help bring their project to life.

Drum roll, please!

The 10 finalists are:
• Australian Indigenous Mentoring Association (AIME)
• Asthma Foundation NSW
• Alternative Technology Association
• Engineers Without Borders Australia
• The Fred Hollows Foundation
• Infoxchange
• Penguin Foundation
• University of New South Wales (ASPIRE)
• University of Technology Sydney
• Zoo and Aquarium Association, Australasia

Find out more about each of their projects and vote for your favourite ideas at


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We are thrilled to be a finalist in the #googleimpactchallenge! Your vote can help us win $500,000 to dramatically improve the survival of oiled wildlife. Vote now >

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We're new to Google+! Follow us, say hello, ask us questions or teach us a thing or two about what goes on here! We'll fill you in on the latest happenings among the little penguin colony of Phillip Island and what we are doing to preserve and protect them. 

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Plastic microbeads are found in cosmetic and personal care products, as well as domestic cleaning products. They are the teeny tiny beads seen in your bodywash, face scrub or kitchen cleaner that are too small to be filtered during waste water treatment processes and are adding to the growing volume of microplastic pollution in the world's oceans. 

Microbeads are not only harmful to marine animals, but are a health risk to us as they are passed along the food chain.

To make it easier for consumers to navigate the sea of products, Fauna & Flora International has created The Good Scrub Guide. Read more and download this excellent guide via the below link!
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